Cummings otolaryngology : head & neck surgery


Cummings otolaryngology : head & neck surgery

[edited by] Charles W. Cummings ... [et al.]

Elsevier Mosby, c2005

4th ed review


Cummings otolaryngology : head and neck surgery

Otolaryngology : head & neck surgery

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Includes bibliographical references and index.



This new edition of the "Cummings Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Review" ensures that trainee otolaryngologists remain at the forefront of their field with over 300 pages of both basic and in-depth testing. 1,500 multiple choice review questions confront problems that occur in everyday clinical practice. Numerous new questions with more answer rationales ensure that that is the ideal resource for a full and thorough review of current otolaryngologic practice! See 100 Q A samples from the "Cummings Review" when you purchase access to the "Cummings, 4th Edition" web site.


Part 1: General Considerations in Head and Neck Part 2: Face Part 3: Nose Part 4: Paranasal Sinuses Part 5: Salivary Glands Part 6: Oral Cavity/ Pharynx/Esophagus Part 7: Larynx/Trachea/Bronchus Part 8: Neck Part 9: Thyroid/Parathyroid Part 10: General Part 11: Infectious Processes Part 12: Vestibular System Part 13: Facial Nerve Part 14: Auditory System Part 15: Cochlear Implants Part 16: Skull Base Part 17: Pediatric Otolaryngology

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