Absorption and scattering of light by small particles


Absorption and scattering of light by small particles

Craig F. Bohren, Donald R. Huffman

Wiley-VCH, c2004

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"Wiley professional paperback edition published 1998"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references (p. 499-519) and index



Absorption and Scattering of Light by Small Particles Treating absorption and scattering in equal measure, this self-contained, interdisciplinary study examines and illustrates how small particles absorb and scatter light. The authors emphasize that any discussion of the optical behavior of small particles is inseparable from a full understanding of the optical behavior of the parent material-bulk matter. To divorce one concept from the other is to render any study on scattering theory seriously incomplete. Special features and important topics covered in this book include: â Classical theories of optical properties based on idealized models â Measurements for three representative materials: magnesium oxide, aluminum, and water â An extensive discussion of electromagnetic theory â Numerous exact and approximate solutions to various scattering problems â Examples and applications from physics, astrophysics, atmospheric physics, and biophysics â Some 500 references emphasizing work done since Kerker's 1969 work on scattering theory â Computer programs for calculating scattering by spheres, coated spheres, and infinite cylinders


BASIC THEORY. Electromagnetic Theory. Absorption and Scattering by an Arbitrary Particle. Absorption and Scattering by a Sphere. Particles Small Compared with the Wavelength. Rayleigh-Gans Theory. Geometrical Optics. A Potpourri of Particles. OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF BULK MATTER. Classical Theories of Optical Constants. Measured Optical Properties. OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF PARTICLES. Extinction. Surface Modes in Small Particles. Angular Dependence of Scattering. A Miscellany of Applications. Appendices. References. Index.

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