Optics and spectroscopy at surfaces and interfaces


Optics and spectroscopy at surfaces and interfaces

Vladimir G. Bordo and Horst-Günter Rubahn

(Physics textbook)

Wiley-VCH, c2005

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This book covers linear and nonlinear optics as well as optical spectroscopy at solid surfaces and at interfaces between a solid and a liquid or gas. The authors give a concise introduction to the physics of surfaces and interfaces. They discuss in detail physical properties of solid surfaces and of their interfaces to liquids and gases and provide the theoretical background for understanding various optical techniques. The major part of the book is dedicated to a broad review on optical techniques and topical applications such as infrared and optical spectroscopy or optical microscopy. Discussions of nonlinear optics, but also nano-optics and local spectroscopy complement this self-contained work. Helpful features include about 50 problems with solutions, a glossary and a thoroughly elaborated list of topical references. The book is suited as a text for graduate students but also for scientists working in physics, chemistry, materials or life sciences who look for an expert introduction to surface optical aspects of their studies.


Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Surfaces and Interfaces. 2.1 Solid Surfaces. 2.2 Adsorption on Solid Surfaces. 2.3 Liquid-Solid Interface. 2.4 Gas-Solid Interface. 3. Linear Optical Properties of Surfaces and Interfaces. 3.1 Reflection and Refraction of Light. 3.2 Nonlocal Optical Response. 3.3 Surface Polaritons. 3.4 Scattering of Light at Rough Surfaces. 4. Infrared Spectroscopy at Surfaces and Interfaces. 4.1 Infrared Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (IRSE). 4.2 Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy (IRAS) of Adsorbed Molecules. 4.3 Infrared Surface Polariton Spectroscopy. 4.4 Time-resolved Infrared Spectroscopy. 5. Linear Optical Techniques at Surfaces and Interfaces. 5.1 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE). 5.2 Reflection Difference Techniques. 5.3 Transmission Spectroscopy. 5.4 Photoluminescence Spectroscopy. 5.5 Raman Spectroscopy. 5.6 Surface Plasmon Polariton Spectroscopy. 5.7 Electrochemical Optical Spectroscopy. 6. Nonlinear Optical Techniques at Surfaces and Interfaces. 6.1 Nonlinear Optical Response. 6.2 Second Harmonic Generation. 6.3 Sum Frequency Generation. 6.4 Four-wave Mixing. 6.5 Two-photon Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Adsorbed Atoms and Molecules. 7. Optical Spectroscopy at a Gas-Solid Interface. 7.1 Optical Response of a Gas Near a Solid. 7.2 Selective Reflection Spectroscopy. 7.3 Evanescent Wave Fluorescence Spectroscopy. 8. Optical Microscopy. 8.1 Optical Resolution and Simple Light Microscopes. 8.2 Dark-field, Fluorescence and Confocal Microscopy. 8.3 Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRM). 8.4 Brewster Angle Microscopy (BAM). 8.5 Phase Measurement Interference Microscopy (PMIM). 8.6 Second Harmonic Microscopy. 9. Nano-optics and Local Spectroscopy. 9.1 Scanning Near-field Optical Microscopy and Photon Scanning Tunneling Microscopy. 9.2 Scanning Plasmon Near-field Microscopy (SPNM). 9.3 Near-field Optical Spectroscopy. 9.4 Near-field Nonlinear Optics. 10. Solutions to Problems. Glossary. Bibliography. Index.

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