The 5-minute veterinary consult clinical companion : canine and feline infectious diseases and parasitology



The 5-minute veterinary consult clinical companion : canine and feline infectious diseases and parasitology

Stephen C. Barr, Dwight D. Bowman

Blackwell Pub., 2006


Five minute veterinary consult clinical companion

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This unique manual is an ideal clinical reference for practicing veterinarians, a quick reference for students on rotations, and a supplemental or core text for related classes in the DVM program. In a user-friendly format, coverage includes the treatment of a wide spectrum of canine and feline infectious diseases and parasite-related disorders. Written by two highly respected authors who are known around the world for their expertise in infectious disease and parasitology, this resource includes in-depth information on many specific categories of organisms including viral, rickettsial, chlamydial, mycoplasma, fungal, bacterial, protozoal, nematodes, trematodes, cestodes, and arthropods. You will have immediate access to differential diagnostic lists and information on drugs, dose rates, treatment protocols, diagnostic testing, and cytological appearance. You'll find these highlights - and more - inside: More than 150 full-color images show defining characteristics of a particular organism, clinical condition, or cytology from lesions caused by the various diseases. Each chapter is divided into the standardized sections: Definition/Overview, Etiology/Pathophysiology, Signalment/History, Clinical Features, Differential Diagnosis, Diagnostics, Therapeutics, Comments, and Suggested Readings. Tables detailing treatment options provide information on accurate drug doses, drug availability, and notes on toxicity. Appendix section includes a drug formulary, diagnostic laboratory testing information, and cat and dog immunization recommendations.


1. Amebiasis. 2. Anaerobic Infections. 3. Angiostrongylus Infection. 4. Aspergillosis. 5. Astrovirus Infection. 6. Babesiosis. 7. Balantidiasis. 8. Bartonellosis. 9. Blastomycosis. 10. Bordetellosis: Cats. 11. Botulism. 12. Brucellosis. 13. Campylobacteriosis. 14. Candidiasis. 15. Canine Coronavirus Infection. 16. Canine Distemper. 17. Canine Herpes Virus Infection. 18. Canine Lungworm (Crenosoma). 19. Canine Lungworm (Filaroides). 20. Canine Parvovirus Infection. 21. Canine Tracheal Worm (Oslerus). 22. Chagas' Disease (American Trypanosomiasis). 23. Cheyletiellosis. 24. Chlamydiosis: Cats. 25. Clostridial Enterotoxicosis. 26. Coccidioidomycosis. 27. Coccidiosis. 28. Colibacillosis. 29. Cryptococcosis. 30. Cryptosporidiosis. 31. Cuterebriasis. 32. Cytauxzoonosis. 33. Demodecosis. 34. Dermatophilosis. 35. Dermatophytosis. 36. Ear mites. 37. Ehrlichiosis. 38. Encephalitozoonosis. 39. Feline Calicivirus Infection. 40. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Infection (FIV). 41. Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). 42. Feline Leukemia Virus Infection (FeLV). 43. Feline Lungworm (Aelurostrongylus). 44. Feline Panleukopenia. 45. Feline Rhinotracheitis Virus Infection. 46. Feline Syncytial-Forming Virus infection (FeSFV). 47. Fleas and Flea Control. 48. Giardiasis. 49. Haemobartonellosis (Erythrocytic Mycoplasmal Infections). 50. Heartworm Disease: Cats. 51. Heartworm Disease: Dogs. 52. Helicobacter Infection. 53. Hepatozoonosis. 54. Histoplasmosis. 55. Hookworms. 56. Infectious Canine Hepatitis Virus Infection. 57. Infectious Canine Tracheobronchitis (Kennel Cough). 58. Kidney Worms (Dioctophyme). 59. Leishmaniasis. 60. Leptospirosis. 61. L-Form Bacterial Infections. 62. Liver Fluke Infection. 63. Lung Fluke Infection. 64. Lyme Disease. 65. Mycobacterial Infections. 66. Mycoplasmosis. 67. Nasal Capillariasis (Eucoleus). 68. Nasal Mites (Pneumonyssoides). 69. Neosporosis. 70. Nocardiosis. 71. Ollulanus Infection. 72. Physalopterosis. 73. Plague. 74. Pneumocystosis. 75. Poxvirus Infection. 76. Protothecosis. 77. Pseudorabies Virus Infection. 78. Pythiosis. 79. Q fever. 80. Rabies. 81. Reovirus Infection. 82. Respiratory Capillariasis (Eucoleus). 83. Rhinosporidiosis. 84. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. 85. Rotavirus Infection. 86. Roundworms (Ascariasis). 87. Salmonellosis. 88. Salmon Poisoning Disease. 89. Sarcocystosis. 90. Spirocerca Infection. 91. Sporotrichosis. 92. Streptococcal Infections. 93. Strongyloidiasis. 94. Tapeworms (Cestodiasis). 95. Tetanus. 96. Tick Bite Paralysis. 97. Tick Infestation. 98. Toxoplasmosis. 99. Trichinosis. 100. Trichomoniasis. 101. Trichosporonosis. 102. Tularemia. 103. Tyzzer Disease. 104. Urinary Capillariasis (Pearsonema). 105. Whipworms (Trichuriasis). Appendices. A. Vaccination Schedule. B. Products for Treatment of Canine Intestinal Parasites. C. Parasitisides for Cats. D. Canine Heartworm Preventatives. E. Canine Products with Efficacies Against Arthropods. F. Drug Formulary. Index

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