Genetic technology and sport : ethical questions


Genetic technology and sport : ethical questions

edited by Claudio Tamburrini and Torbjörn Tännsjö

(Ethics and sport)

Routledge, 2005

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Will the genetic design of athletes destroy sport ... or will it lead to a new and extraordinary age of athletic achievement? Exploring a new territory in sport and ethics, this edited collection contains some of the best new writing that has emerged from the debates concerning the uses of genetic technologies to improve sport performance. Issues covered include: * gene technology and sports ethics * genetic testing in sports * gene technology and the sporting ethos * gene technology and gender equality in sport. This cutting-edge text is the first on the subject to analyze gender specific questions that arise from genetically modified sport and is likely to provoke further debate in the world of sport and bio-ethics. Contributors include Lincoln Allison, Ruth Chadwick, Arne Ljungqvist, Andy Miah, Christian Munthe, Bengt Saltin, Angela Schnieder and many more.


CONTENTS Introduction Part 1: The State of the Art Chapter 1 The International Anti-Doping Policy and its Implementation By Arne Ljungqvist Chapter 2 The Basic of Gene Doping By Peter Schjerling Chapter 3 Genetic Enhancement of Athletic Performance By Angela J. Schneider Chapter 4 Gene Doping: The State of the Things to Come By Andy Miah Part 2: Genetic Enhancement of Athletes Chapter 5 Genetic Engineering and Elitism in Sport By Torbjoern Tannsjoe Chapter 6 What Is Wrong With Admiration of Athletes and Others? By Ingmar Persson Chapter 7 Educational or Genetic Blueprints, What's the Difference? By Claudio M. Tamburrini Chapter 8 Sport and Genetics: Moral and Educational Considerations on 'Athletic Predestination' By Ivo van Hilvoorde Part 3: Genetic Testing of Athletes Chapter 9 Ethical Aspects of Controlling Genetic Doping By Christian Munthe Chapter 10 Nutrigenomics, Individualism and Sports By Ruth Chadwick Chapter 11 Compulsory Genetic Testing for APOE Epsilon 4 and Boxing By Julian Savulescu Part 4: Genetic Technology and the Ethos of Sport Chapter 12 Citius, Altius, Fortius ad Absurdum: Biology, Performance and Sportsmanship in the Twenty First Century By Lincoln Allison Chapter 13 The Vulnerability Thesis and Use of Bio-Medical Technology in Sport By Sigmund Loland Chapter 14 Sport, Gene doping and Ethics By Gunnar Breivik Part 5: Genetic Technology and Gender Equality Chapter 15 The Genetic Design of a New Amazon By Claudio Tamburrini and Torbjoern Tannsjoe Chapter 16 Resisting the Emergence of Bio-Amazons By Susan Sherwin and Meredith Schwartz Chapter 17 Bio-Amazons: a comment Ruth Chadwick and Sarah Wilson Chapter 18 What is Gender Equality in Sports? By Simona Giordano and John Harris

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