Weight matters for children : a complete guide to weight, eating and fitness


    • Pryke, Rachel
    • Harvey, Joe
    • Karmel, Annabel


Weight matters for children : a complete guide to weight, eating and fitness

Rachel Pryke ; forewords by Joe Harvey and Annabel Karmel

Radcliffe, c2006

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Includes index



This work provides a concise and up-to-date account of endocrine therapy for breast cancer. It covers historical development, basic physiology of female sex hormones, role of hormones in breast cancer aetiology, selective oestrogen receptor modules, ovarian ablation and chemoprevention. The book aims to provide a concise and up-to-date medical guide to medical and surgical oncologist working in the field of breast cancer and reflects recent advances in molecular biology of the oestrogen receptor including descriptions of ongoing trials involving hormonal manipulation.


Children and choice: Children, choices and the Balance of Good Health. Flavours and fullness. Measuring a child's size and boosting activity. Preschool children: Milk, weaning and promoting healthy foods. Developing a taste for the healthy things in life. Understanding problem eaters. Focus on fitness for preschool children. Junior children from five to twelve: The healthy body jigsaw. How does parenting style influence children's behaviour? Helping an overweight child. Kids will be active if they can. Nutrition and health problems: Nutritional nuts and bolts. The Food Frequency Framework. Vegetarian and Vegan eating. An A-Z of conditions that affect weight and eating. Abdominal pain. Colic. Abdominal migraine. Swollen abdominal glands. Urine infection. Allergies. Peanut allergy. Milk allergy. Egg allergy. Anorexia or loss of appetite. Appendicitis. Asthma. Coeliac disease. Constipation. Cow's milk intolerance. Cystic fibrosis. Depression. Diabetes. Diarrhoea. Gastro-oesophageal reflux. Inflammatory conditions of the gut. Phenylketonuria. Pyloric stenosis. Thyroid disorders. Tooth decay. Worms.

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