Cognitive-behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder


Cognitive-behavioral therapy for bipolar disorder

Monica Ramirez Basco, A. John Rush

Guilford Press, c2005

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 305-315) and index



From leading scientist-practitioners, this pragmatic, accessible book provides a complete framework for individualized assessment and treatment of bipolar disorder. It addresses the complexities of working with individuals with broadly varying histories and clinical presentations, including those who have been recently diagnosed, those who are symptomatically stable, and those who struggle day to day to achieve symptom remission. Extensive case material illustrates proven strategies for conceptualizing patients' needs and working collaboratively to help them adhere to medication treatments, recognize the early warning signs of manic and depressive episodes, build coping skills, and manage specific symptoms. The second edition is a complete revision of the original volume, updated and restructured to be even more user friendly for clinicians.


1. Introduction to the Second Edition 2. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Bipolar Disorder: An Overview 3. Medication Treatments for Bipolar Disorder 4. Enhancing Adherence 5. Compliance Contracts 6. Early Detection to Prevent Relapse 7. Management of Behavioral Symptoms: Trigger Control and Increasing Positives 8. Management of Behavioral Symptoms: Controlling Negatives 9. Management of Cognitive Symptoms: Content Changes 10. Management of Cognitive Symptoms: Process Changes 11. Stress Management 12. Addressing Problems in Interpersonal Communication 13. Putting Together a Treatment Program Appendix: Protocol for 20 Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Sessions

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