• Adenier, Guillaume
    • Khrennikov, Andrei Yu.
    • Nieuwenhuizen, Theo M.
    • International Conference "Quantum Theory : reconsideration of foundations - 3" (2005 : Växjö, Sweden)

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Quantum theory : reconsideration of foundations - 3, Växjö, Sweden, 6-11 June 2005

editors, Guillaume Adenier, Andrei Yu. Khrennikov, Theo M. Nieuwenhuizen

(AIP conference proceedings, v. 810)

American Institute of Physics, c2006

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"This volume constitutes the proceedings of the International Conference, Quantum Theory : reconsideration of foundations - 3, held in Växjö, Sweden, 6-11 June 2005"--Pref.

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This Vaxjo conference was devoted to the reconsideration of quantum foundations. Due to increasing research in quantum information theory, especially on quantum computing and cryptography, many questions regarding the foundations of quantum mechanics, which have long been considered to be exclusively of philosophical interest, nowadays play an important role in theoretical and experimental quantum physics.

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