The politics of power : a critical introduction to American government


The politics of power : a critical introduction to American government

Ira Katznelson, Mark Kesselman, Alan Draper

Thomson/Wadsworth, c2006

5th ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



"The Politics of Power" provides a lively, comprehensive, critical perspective of the American political system by highlighting how political conflicts, institutions, and processes are influenced by deep inequalities generated by the country's political economy. Building on the coverage of all of the major topics typical of an American Government course the critical analysis in this text is based on the theme that American democracy is limited by fundamental inequalities in power and economic resources. Respected for its critical theme, "The Politics of Power" also strives to be direct without being simplistic, engaging without being flippant, and critical without being cynical.


1. Democracy's Challenge. Part One: INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN POLITICAL ECONOMY. 2. Government and the Economy. 3. The Development of American Capitalism. Part Two: POLITICAL BELIEFS AND POLITICAL PARTICIPATION. 4. The Power of Opinion. 5. Political Parties, Elections, and Movements. Part Three: POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS. 6. The Presidency: Imperial or Imperiled? 7. Congress: Resurgent of Submissive? 8. The Judiciary: Partisan or Independent? Part Four: PUBLIC POLICY. 9. Foreign Policy. 10. Social Policy. 11. Economic Policy. 12. Conclusion: American Politics, Past, Present, and Future. Index.

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