The fortifications and adjacent structures



The fortifications and adjacent structures

Marian H. McAllister ; with contributions by Michael H. Jameson, James A. Dengate, and Frederick A. Cooper

(Excavations at ancient Halieis, v. 1)

Indiana University Press, c2005

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Volume 1 describes the development of the fortification system at Halieis, from simple earthwork defenses to massive walls with towers and gates. Halieis's excellent natural harbor made it a target for attacks from other cities. The increasingly complex defenses are the city's response to this aggression and new developments in siege warfare. McAllister presents both an extensively illustrated overall view of the fortifications and a detailed analysis of the materials and methods of construction. Other contributions include a study of the fortifications that are now submerged in the ancient harbor, a study of the city mint, and a report on an engineering study to establish the elevations at the site.


ContentsList of IllustrationsEditor's NotePreface Introduction1. Materials and Methods of Construction2. The Trace3. The Towers and Gates4. The Curtains and Related Structures5. Attached and Adjacent Structures6. The Development of the Halieis Defenses7. Submerged Remains of the Town and Its Immediate Vicinity by Michael H. Jameson8. The Mint by James A. Dengate9. The Coins: Provenances by James A. DengateAppendix A. Halieis Select Bibliography with AnnotationsAppendix B. List of Excavation Notebooks and SupervisorsAppendix C. Halieis Engineering Survey Elevations by Frederick A. CooperAppendix D. Halieis Coins, Blanks, Flans: Concordance of HN and HM Numbers with Catalog NumbersCitation ListIndexIllustrations

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