Blunders in international business


Blunders in international business

David A. Ricks

Blackwell, 2006

4th ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [170]-171) and index



This new edition of Blunders in International Business is significantly updated and revised, full of interesting anecdotes, including dozens of new international business blunders. David Ricks has uncovered many informative and entertaining blunders that will make this book hard to put down. Features blunders from well-known corporations American Express, McDonalds, Toyota, GM, Sharwoods, Jolly Green Giant, Bacardi, Puff, AOL, BMW, and many others. Conserves its well-liked, concise format. Several well-known blunders from previous editions have been replaced in order to update the lessons learned.


Preface. 1. Introduction. The Role of Culture. The Role of Communication. Structure. 2. Production. Location/Layout. Product. Package. Color. Summary. 3. Names. Product Names. Company Names. Summary. 4. Marketing. Promotions. Pricing. Summary. 5. Translation. Carelessness. Multiple Meanings. Idioms. Summary. 6. Management. Cultural Differences. Labor Relations. Summary. 7. Strategic Management. Entry Mode. Supply Problems. Complex Problems. Additional Mistakes. Summary. 8. Other Areas of International Business. Legal. Finance. Market Research. Summary. 9. Lessons Learned. Adaptation. Nationalism. Promotion. Translation. Market Research. Conclusion. Notes. Index of Companies. Index of Places. Index of Products

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