A handbook of management and leadership : a guide to managing for results



A handbook of management and leadership : a guide to managing for results

Michael Armstrong, Tina Stephens

Kogan Page, 2005

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The Handbook of Management and Leadership provides guidance on the processes of management and leadership with particular reference to what managers and aspiring managers need to know about the skills of management and approaches to effective leadership. The book also deals with three other important areas of management: change management, continuous improvement and the achievement of high levels of customer service. The book is aligned to the professional standards of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) for Managing for Results which is one of the main sections of the Leadership and Management set of standards. It therefore provides a complete presentation of all that students need to know to pass that examination, which is an essential portal to chartered membership of the CIPD. It also deals with the subject areas covered by the Management Standards Centre.


  • The Practice of Management: *The nature of management
  • *The role of the manager
  • *Leadership
  • *Making things
  • *Managerial activities
  • *Managerial approaches
  • *Strategic management
  • *Systems and process management
  • *Management development. Delivering Change: *The process of change
  • *The context of change. Enhancing Customer Relations: *The basis of customer service
  • *Approaches to customer service
  • *Achieving high levels of customer service. Enabling continuous improvement: *Continuous improvement
  • *Quality management.

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