Voices from the bench : the narratives of lesser folk in medieval trials


Voices from the bench : the narratives of lesser folk in medieval trials

edited by Michael Goodich

(The new Middle Ages)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2006

1st ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index

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  • Arnaud Sicre : spy / James Given
  • The world of witnesses and the holy tribunal : fifteenth-century trials of Castilian Judaizers / Renée Levine Melammed
  • The inquisitorial perspectives of an unmarried mulatta woman in mid-seventeenth-century Mexico / Amos Megged
  • The multiple miseries of Dulcia of St. Chartier (1266) and Cristina of Wellington (1294) / Michael Goodich
  • The toddler in the ditch : a case of parental neglect? / Ronald C. Finucane
  • A case of demonic possession in fifteenth-century Brittany : Perrin Hervé and the nascent cult of Vincent Ferrer / Laura Ackerman Smoller
  • Single women, work, and family : the chancery dispute of Jane Wynde and Margaret Clerk / Cordelia Beattie
  • "...et examinatus dicit..." : oral and personal history in the records of English ecclesiastical courts / Robert N. Swanson
  • Witness programs in medieval Marseille / Daniel Lord Smail
  • A rape trial in Saint Eloi : sex, seduction, and justice in the seigneurial courts of medieval Paris / Edna Ruth Yahil



This collection explores marginalized figures in medieval and early modern Europe and Mesoamerica, including women, Jews, New Christians, and urban dwellers, drawing from such judicial sources as canonization hearings, the trials of the Inquisition, chancery, criminal, royal, municipal and other courts.


  • Introduction
  • M.Goodich Microhistory and the Taste for Details in the Judicial Narratives of Canonization Trials and Witch Trials
  • G.Klaniczay The Inquisitor and the Shepherd
  • Or, Inside and Outside Pierre Maury
  • J.H.Arnold Attesting the Ordinary: Oral and Personal History in the Records of English Ecclesiastical Courts
  • R.Swanson The World of Witnesses and the Holy Tribunal: 15th Century Trials of Castilian Judaizers
  • R.L.Melammed A Case of Demonic Possession in Fifteenth-Century Brittany: Perrinus Hervei and the Nascent Cult of Vincent Ferrer
  • L.Smoller A Rape Trial in Saint Eloi: Sex, Seduction and Justice in the Seigneurial Courts of Medieval Paris
  • E.R.Yahil The Multiple Miseries of Dulcia of St. Chartier (1266), Jeanne Laboysans of Crosses (1266) and Cristina of Wellington (1294)
  • M.Goodich The Toddler in the Ditch: Parental Negligence?
  • R.Finucane The Customs and Symbolism of Consumption: Food and Wine in Witness Depositions from Late Medieval Marseille
  • D.L.Smail Conflicting Narratives: Two Women in Chancery, c. 1493-1500
  • C.Beattie The Inquisitorial Perspectives of an Unmarried Mulatta Woman in Mid-Seventeenth-Century Mexico
  • A.Megged

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