What do we know about early childhood education? : research based practice


    • Crosser, Sandra


What do we know about early childhood education? : research based practice

Sandra Crosser

Thomson Delmar Learning, c2005

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 187-200) and index



CURRENT AND FUTURE TEACHERS will find great value in this publication as they work to base their early childhood education practice on scientifically based research, a requirement of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. It introduces the reader to early childhood research resources, explores general guidelines for evaluating and interpreting research reports, and challenges readers to apply the findings to educational practice. The reader also will benefit from summarized research findings related to such critical topics as grade retention, half-day versus full day kindergarten, academic redshirting, class size, discipline, and readiness. Perhaps most importantly, the readers will learm how to access and evaluate future research reports since the knowledge base is constantly changing and growing. The controversial format with questions interspersed throughout helps make the material easy-to-follow and interesting to read.


PART 1: USING RESEARCH TO INFORM PRACTICE. Chapter 1: The Importance of a Research Base. Chapter 2: Reading and Interpreting Research. Chapter 3: Accessing Sources of Research in Early Childhood Education. PART 2: WHAT DOES RESEARCH TELL US ABOUT THE ISSUES? Chapter 4: Does Early Education Make a Difference? Chapter 5: Who is Coming to School? Chapter 6: How Long Should Young Children be in School? Chapter 7: Does Grouping Pattern Affect Achievement? Chapter 8: What are the Effects of Failure? Chapter 9: Does the Physical Environment Affect Young Children? Chapter 10: What Do We Know about Guidance and Discipline? Chapter 11: Does Delivery of the Curriculum Affect Learning? Chapter 12: Does Parent Involvement in School Impact Young Children? PART 3: CONNECTING RESEARCH TO PRACTICE. Chapter 13: Case Scenarios to Examine. Chapter 14: Projects and Activities.

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