Measuring social and economic change in rural Russia : surveys from 1991 to 2003


Measuring social and economic change in rural Russia : surveys from 1991 to 2003

David J. O'Brien and Valery V. Patsiorkovsky

(Rural economies in transition)

Lexington Books, c2006

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Measuring Social and Economic Change in Rural Russia is based upon nine household surveys in seven rural regions of Russia from 1991 to 2003; including a four wave panel study over an eight year period. The findings that O'Brien and Patsiorkovsky share in this important work are the only long-term indicators of how ordinary people have learned to adapt to an economic system that was thrust upon them when the Soviet Union collapsed.


Chapter 1 Introduction: How Do We Measure Change in Rural Russia? Part 2 A Macro-Level View of Change in the Russian Countryside Chapter 3 Central Government Reforms in Agriculture Chapter 4 Regional Responses to Reforms Chapter 5 The Transformation of Russian Agriculture Part 6 The Adaptation of Villages and Households to the New Economy Chapter 7 The Impact of Reforms on the Social Organization of the Russian Village Chapter 8 Household Capital and Agricultural Sales Chapter 9 Household Capital and Income Inequality Part 10 Evaluating the Quality of Village Life Chapter 11 Rural Poverty Chapter 12 Material Goods and Services Chapter 13 Mental Health and Subjective Quality of Life Part 14 Building Sustainable Rural Communities Chapter 15 The Future of Rural Russia Chapter 16 What Can We Learn from the Experiment in Russian Agrarian Reform?

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