Innovation, evolution and economic change : new ideas in the tradition of Galbraith


Innovation, evolution and economic change : new ideas in the tradition of Galbraith

edited by Blandine Laperche, James K. Galbraith, Dimitri Uzunidis ; with a foreword by John Kenneth Galbraith

(New directions in modern economics series)

E. Elgar, c2006

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John Kenneth Galbraith was an eminent economist and proponent of change. The contributors to the book further his analysis on the evolution of capitalism; taking into account changes to the general economic climate since the publication of J.K. Galbraith's main thesis, they outline new ideas which form fertile ground for new research. The book begins with a penetrating analysis of the main features of today's capitalism and in particular the conflict between shareholders and managers. It moves on to focus on the consequences of globalization in the decision-making processes of large corporations and represents an important step in the development of a theory of fraud and corruption within corporations. In the final part, the authors address and explore the consequences of the domination of influential groups over major social and political decisions, on the blurred boundaries between the public and the private sectors and its consequences in the fields of technological regulation and the evolution of public services. In so doing, the authors question the meaning and power of democracy in today's society. Innovation, Evolution and Economic Change will appeal to a wide readership and audience of economists, policy makers and political organization.


Contents: Foreword John Kenneth Galbraith Introduction PART I: CHANGING CAPITALISM: SHAREHOLDERS VERSUS MANAGERS 1. Professionals' Capitalism and Democracy Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira 2. From One Managerial Capitalism. . . to Another Pascal Petit 3. The End of Capitalism. J.K. Galbraith versus K. Marx and J.A. Schumpeter Sophie Boutillier 4. The Power of Large Companies Marlyse Pouchol 5. Is Capitalism Still Galbraithian? Guy Claire PART II: GLOBALIZED TECHNOSTRUCTURES: TOWARDS A THEORY OF THE CORRUPT CORPORATION 6. Galbraith's Views on Firm and Market: Between Neo-Institutionalism and Evolutionism Bernadette Madeuf 7. Global R&D Networks and ICT: What Impacts on Firms? Denis Carre, Gilliane Lefebvre, Bernadette Madeuf and Christian Milelli 8. Large Corporations and Technostructures in Competition Blandine Laperche 9. The Corrupt Corporation: A Galbraith-Inspired Analysis Michael Dietrich and Abhijit Sharma 10. The Global Restructuring of Capitalism: New Technologies and Intellectual Property George Liodakis PART III: CHARTING THE FUTURE: INNOVATION, STATE POWER AND THE MARKET SYSTEM 11. Galbraith and the Political Economy of Technological Innovation: Critical Perspectives and a Heterodox Synthesis Jerry Courvisanos 12. Knowledge and Innovation: Power and Counterpower Andree Kartchevsky and Muriel Maillefert 13. Science and Governance in the National Systems of Innovation Approach Victor Pelaez 14. Privatization and the Management of Intellectual Property Rights: The Case of the British Defence Research Establishments Jordi Molas-Gallart and Puay Tang 15. Galbraith and Institutionalist Analysis: An Assessment Based on the US Military-Industrial System Transformations in the 1990s Luc Mampaey and Claude Serfati 16. What Has Happened to the Public Sector? Marketization and Financial Logic Blandine Laperche and Dimitri Uzunidis Index

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