International handbook on economic regulation


International handbook on economic regulation

edited by Michael Crew and David Parker

Edward Elgar, c2006

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Michael Crew and David Parker have compiled a comprehensive, up-to-date and detailed analytical work on leading research issues in the economics of regulation. With contributions from international specialists in economic regulation, the Handbook provides a comprehensive discussion of major developments in both the theory and practice of regulatory economics. This book will be an indispensable source for both students and practitioners of regulation. The Handbook begins by looking at the principles, history and methods of regulation before turning to specialist themes including: * pricing and social welfare * regulating service quality * consumer representation * performance benchmarking * environmental regulation * calculating the cost of capital * information revelation and incentives * the economics of access charging * regulatory governance * regulatory policy in developing countries * particular issues in the regulation of the telecommunications, energy, transport and water sectors. The International Handbook on Economic Regulation is essential reading for researchers in the economics of regulation and students of regulation on final year undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses. As a major reference work, it is of value and assistance to economists in regulatory offices, regulated companies and government departments.


Contents: Preface 1. Development in the Theory and Practice of Regulatory Economics Michael A. Crew and David Parker 2. Economic Regulation: Principles, History and Methods Martin Ricketts 3. Regulation, Pricing and Social Welfare Michael A. Crew and Paul R. Kleindorfer 4. Regulating Prices and Service Quality Dan Elliott 5. Utility Regulation and Competition in Developing Countries Paul Cook 6. Performance Benchmarking in Utility Regulation: Principles and the UK's Experience David Parker, Thoralf Dassler and David S. Saal 7. Regulation and the Cost of Capital Tim Jenkinson 8. Information Revelation and Incentives Phil Burns, Cloda Jenkins and Thomas Weyman-Jones 9. Regulatory Governance and the Lessons from UK Practice Peter Vass 10. Regulation and Consumer Representation Michael Harker, Laurence Mathieu and Catherine Waddams Price 11. Regulatory Impact Assessment Colin Kirkpatrick 12. Economics of Environmental Regulation: Instruments and Cases Anthony Heyes and Catherine Liston 13. The Economics of Access and Interconnection Charges in Telecommunications Timothy J. Tardiff 14. Regulation and the Structure of the Telecommunications Industry Gregory M. Duncan and Lisa J. Cameron 15. The Regulation of Energy: Issues and Pitfalls Colin Robinson and Eileen Marshall 16. Economic Regulation of Transport: Principles and Experience Ian Savage 17. Regulation of Water and Sewerage Services Ian Byatt, Tony Ballance and Scott Reid Index

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