Music of the colonial and revolutionary era


Music of the colonial and revolutionary era

John Ogasapian

(American history through music / David J. Brinkman, series editor)

Greenwood Press, 2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [235]-245) and index



The colonial days of America marked not only the beginnings of a country, but also of a new culture, part of which was the first American music publishers, entrepreneurs, and instrument makers forging musical communities from New England to New Spain. Elements of British, Spanish, German, Scots-Irish, and Native American music all contributed to the many cultures and subcultures of the early nation. While English settlers largely sought to impose their own culture in the new land, the adaptation of native music by Spanish settlers provided an important cultural intersection. The music of the Scots-Irish in the middle colonies planted the seeds of a folk ballad tradition. In New England, the Puritans developed a surprisingly rich-and recreational-musical culture. At the same time, the Regular Singing Movement attempted to reduce the role of the clergy in religious services. More of a cultural examination than a music theory book, this work provides vastly informative narrative chapters on early American music and its role in colonial and Revolutionary culture. Chapter bibliographies, a timeline, and a subject index offer additional resources for readers. The American History through Music series examines the many different types of music prevalent throughout U.S. history, as well as the roles these music types have played in American culture. John Ogasapian's volume on the Colonial and Revolutionary period applies this cultural focus to the music of America's infancy and illuminates the surprisingly complex relationships in music of that time.


Preface Introduction New Spain New England The Southern Colonies The Middle Colonies Music of the People Music at the Margins: Native Americans and African Americans The Revolutionary Period Church Music in the Federal Era Theatre, Concert, and Amateur Music in the Federal Era Appendix 1: Sketches of Some Important Early American Musical Figures Appendix 2: Timeline Appendix 3: Selected Concert Programs Bibliography Appendix 4: Selected Discography Appendix 5: Examples

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