Structure and properties of atomic nanoclusters


Structure and properties of atomic nanoclusters

Julio A. Alonso

Imperial College Press, c2005

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Atomic clusters are the bridge between molecules and the bulk matter. Following two key experiments - the observation of electronic shells in metallic clusters and the discovery of the C60 fullerence - the field of atomic clusters has experienced a rapid growth, and is now considered a mature field. The electrons of the cluster are confined to a small volume, hence, quantum effects are manifested on many properties of the clusters. Another interesting feature is that the properties often change in a non-smooth way as the number of atoms in the cluster increases. This book provides an updated overview of the field, and presents a detailed description of the structure and electronic properties of different types of clusters: Van der Waals clusters, metallic clusters, clusters of ionic materials and network clusters. The assembling of clusters is also considered, since specially stable clusters are expected to play a role in the future design and synthesis of new materials.


# Introduction to Clusters # Experimental Production of Clusters # Van der Waals Clusters # Electronic and Atomic Shells in Metal Clusters # Electronic and Optical Properties of Simple Metal Clusters # Melting and Fragmentation of Metal Clusters # Bimetallic Clusters # Clusters of the Transition Metals # Magnetism # Clusters of Ionic Materials # Carbon Clusters # Assembling of New Materials from Clusters

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