Creating database-backed library Web pages : using open source tools


Creating database-backed library Web pages : using open source tools

Stephen R. Westman

(ALA editions)

American Library Association, 2006

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Database-backed Web pages provide many advantages for libraries; users get accurate and up-to-date information in real time, and site maintenance and data publishing are much easier. As appealing an idea as database-backed pages are, the ""how-tos"" of creating them remain a mystery to many librarians. This hands-on resource provides the tools to improve users' results by providing current data, make site maintenance and data publishing much easier, and even add new usefulness to existing data. Following these clear, step-by-step explanations, readers will find proven solutions for answers to questions like: What are database-backed Web pages? How much technical know-how is needed to do this? When, and for what kinds of information, are database-backed Web pages appropriate? What are Open Source tools? Who can use Open Source software? and Why is it appropriate for libraries? This authoritative, money-saving guide takes readers through a complete project from concept to implementation. It serves both beginner and expert librarians involved with designing and maintaining websites, as well as IT managers and administrators seeking expert guidance on hardware, software, and programming and documentation procedures. Packed with expert advice and links to real tools, this powerful, hands-on reference will streamline webmasters' results and customers' searches.

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