Solicitors' accounts : a practical guide


    • Kay, Dale
    • Baker, Janet


Solicitors' accounts : a practical guide

Dale Kay and Janet Baker

(Legal practice course guides, 2005-2006)

Oxford University Press, 2005

9th ed

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Includes index



"Solicitors' Accounts" provides a user-friendly guide to a subject that often poses serious problems for students unfamiliar with the principles and practice of accounting. It provides comprehensive, up to date, coverage of all areas required by the Law Society for Business Accounts and Solicitors' Accounts on the Legal Practice Course, including full coverage of double entry book keeping, and final accounts of sole owners, partnerships, and companies. It also deals with the Solicitors' Accounts Rules and the practical application of these in Solicitors' Accounts, including property and probate transactions. There are a series of short answer questions on the operation of the Solicitors' Accounts Rules in the final chapter. The rewritten chapter on VAT has been extensively updated to make it more accessible. Each chapter starts with an overview of the areas to be covered. This is followed by graded self test questions at the end of each chapter testing different levels of students' knowledge and understanding of the key issues, and a check list of the key areas that the student must be able to understand. Companion web site: The established test bank will also be updated to compliment the text, providing an excellent lecturer resource for student testing as each question is linked to each chapter, providing a further useful test for students to ensure that they have understood the essential elements of the text.


  • 1. Introduction to Solicitors' Accounts and Basic Bookkeeping
  • 2. The Trial Balance
  • 3. Final Accounts
  • 4. Adjustments
  • 5. Further Adjustments
  • 6. Partnership Accounts
  • 7. Basic Accounting Concepts and Manufacturing and Trading Accounts
  • 8. Company Accounts
  • 9. Consolidated Group Accounts
  • 10. Interpretation of Accounts and Accounting Ratios
  • 11. Basic Solicitors' Accounts
  • 12. Transfers and Split Money
  • 13. Value Added Tax
  • 14. Financial Statements and Conveyancing Transactions
  • 15. Deposit Interest
  • 16. Probate Transactions
  • 17. Further Transactions
  • 18. Revision Questions on Solicitors' Accounts

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