Manufacturing suburbs : building work and home on the metropolitan fringe


    • Lewis, Robert D.


Manufacturing suburbs : building work and home on the metropolitan fringe

edited by Robert Lewis

Temple University, 2004

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Includes some original papers commissioned for this collection and some previously published in issues of the Journal of historical geography and the Geographical review

Includes bibliographical references and index



Urban historians have long portrayed suburbanization as the result of a bourgeois exodus from the city, coupled with the introduction of streetcars that enabled the middle class to leave the city for the more sylvan surrounding regions. Demonstrating that this is only a partial version of urban history, "Manufacturing Suburbs" reclaims the history of working-class suburbs by examining the development of industrial suburbs in the United States and Canada between 1850 and 1950. The contributors demonstrate that these suburbs developed in large part because of the location of manufacturing beyond city limits and the subsequent building of housing for the workers who labored within those factories.Through case studies of industrial suburbanization and industrial suburbs in several metropolitan areas (Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, and Montreal), "Manufacturing Suburbs" sheds light on a key phenomenon of metropolitan development before the Second World War. Robert Lewis is Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Toronto. He is the author of "Manufacturing Montreal: The Making of an Industrial Landscape, 1850 to 1930" and co-editor of "Urban History Review".


Preface 1. Industry and the Suburbs Robert Lewis 2. Beyond the Crabgrass Frontier: Industry and the Spread of North American Cities, 1850-1950 Richard Walker and Robert Lewis 3. The Emergence of Industrial Districts in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Baltimore Edward K. Muller and Paul A. Groves 4. Model City? Industry and Urban Structure in Chicago Mary Beth Pudup 5. A City Transformed: Manufacturing Districts and Suburban Growth in Montreal, 1850-1929 Robert Lewis 6. Industry Builds Out the City: The Suburbanization of Manufacturing in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1850-1940 Richard Walker 7. Industrial Suburbs and the Growth of Metropolitan Pittsburgh, 1870-1920 Edward K. Muller 8. The Suburbanization of Manufacturing in Toronto, 1881-1951 Gunter Gad 9. "Nature's Workshop": Industry and Urban Expansion in Southern California, 1900-1950 Greg Hise 10. "The American Disease of Growth": Henry Ford and the Metropolitanization of Detroit, 1920-1940 Heather B. Barrow 11. Suburbanization and the Employment Linkage Richard Harris Notes About the Contributors Index

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