A concise history of the world since 1945 : states and peoples


A concise history of the world since 1945 : states and peoples

W.M. Spellman

Palgrave Macmillan, 2006

  • : paperback

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Bibliography: p. 330-335

Includes index



W.M. Spellman explores the past half century focusing on key topics such as human migration, science and technology, international business, religion and politics and Empire. Authoritative and well-written, this is an ideal introductory guide for anyone with an interest in World history and the issues and challenges facing the globe today.


Acknowledgements.- Introduction: Dynamic Tensions in Recent Global History.- PART I: FROM BI-POLAR TO MULTI-POLAR WORLD.- The Cold War in Global Context, 1945-1991.- The End of Empire and the Problem of Neo-Colonialism.- An Elusive New World Order, 1991-2004.- PART II: GLOBALIZATION AND ITS DISCONTENTS.- When Borders Don't Matter: Development and Global Culture.- When Borders Do Matter: International Migration and Identity.- PART III: BODY AND SPIRIT.- Science, Technology and the Environment.- Religions and Civil Society.- Conclusion: Hope and Misgiving in the New Century.- Further Reading.- Index.

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