Leo Strauss and the theologico-political problem


Leo Strauss and the theologico-political problem

Heinrich Meier ; translated by Marcus Brainard

(Modern European philosophy)

Cambridge University Press, 2006


Das theologisch-politische Problem

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Translation of: Das theologisch-politische Problem

Includes bibliographical references and index



This book, by one of the most prominent interpreters of Leo Strauss's thought, was the first to address the problem that Leo Strauss himself said was the theme of his studies: the theologico-political problem or the confrontation with the theological and the political alternative to philosophy as a way of life. In his theologico-political treatise, which comprises four parts and an appendix, Heinrich Meier clarifies the distinction between political theology and political philosophy and reappraises the unifying center of Strauss's philosophical enterprise. The book is the culmination of Meier's work on the theologico-political problem. It will interest anyone who seeks to understand both the problem caused by revelation for philosophy and the challenge posed by political-religious radicalism. The appendix makes available for the first time two lectures by Strauss that are immediately relevant to the subject of this book and that will open the way for future research and debate on the legacy of Strauss.


  • Preface to the American edition
  • Part I. The Theologico-Political Problem: 1. The theologico-political problem
  • 2. On the genealogy of faith in Revelation
  • 3. Death as God: a note on Martin Heidegger
  • Part II. The History of Philosophy and the Intention of the Philosopher: Reflections on Leo Strauss
  • Part III. What is Political Theology?
  • Part IV. Why Political Philosophy?: Appendix: two unpublished lectures by Leo Strauss
  • 1. The living issues of German postwar philosophy (1940)
  • 2. Reason and revelation (1948).

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