Privatization and public universities



Privatization and public universities

edited by Douglas M. Priest and Edward P. St. John

Indiana University Press, c2006

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Today's public institutions of higher education are facing difficult financial times. In this book, experts in the fields of higher education, development, technology, and philanthropy thoughtfully explore the challenges of improving the quality of education and research while facing reduced state support. They explore some of the important revenue-generating and cost-reduction tools, examine their usefulness, and discuss their implications for both the university and the constituencies it serves. As institutions seek to maximize tuition income, capitalize on the creative activity of the faculty, and apply a plethora of IT products to the delivery of instruction and administrative support, they introduce a great deal of change into the environment. Some of these changes may have the desired effects, but regardless of their success or failure, they will alter the fabric of public higher education.


  • 1. Introduction by Douglas M. Priest, Edward P. St. John, and Rachel Dykstra Boon I. Public Policy and Privatization 2. State Support of Higher Education: Past, Present, and Future by Donald E. Heller
  • 3. Privatization and Federal Funding for Higher Education by Edward P. St. John and Ontario S. Wooden
  • 4. The Ideology of Privatization in Higher Education: A Global Perspective by Fazal Rizvi II. Generating Revenue from Alternative Sources 5. Alternative Revenue Sources by James C. Hearn
  • 6. Students and Families as Revenue: The Impact of Institutional Behaviors by Don Hossler
  • 7. Patents and Royalties by Joshua B. Powers
  • 8. Philanthropy by Aaron Conley and Eugene R. Tempel III. Modernizing Public Universities 9. Incentive-Based Budgeting Systems in the Emerging Environment by Douglas M. Priest and Rachel Dykstra Boon
  • 10. Privatization of Business and Auxiliary Functions by Douglas M. Priest, Bruce Jacobs, and Rachel Dykstra Boon
  • 11. Enterprise Systems by Don Hossler and William Gorr
  • 12. E-Learning by James Farmer, instructional media and magic, inc. IV. Making Sense of Change (and Finding Dollars, Too!) 13. Privatization and the Public Interest by Edward P. St. John
  • 14. Privatization in Public Universities by Edward P. St. John and Douglas Priest References

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