Reading Michael Psellos



Reading Michael Psellos

edited by Charles Barber and David Jenkins

(The medieval Mediterranean : peoples, economies and cultures, 400-1453 / editors, Michael Whitby ... [et al.], v. 61)

Brill, 2006

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Includes bibliographical references and index



The papers of this volume originated in a workshop held at the University of Notre Dame in February 2004 to discuss the variety of ways one might read Michael Psellos (1018-after 1081?). One of most original figures of Byzantine intellectual history, Psellos was a polymath whose range extended from rhetoric and philosophy to law and medicine. While his history of his own times, the Chronographia, is one of the best known works of Byzantine literature, very little else of his large body of work has been translated. It is the intention of this volume to encourage a wider awareness of Psellos' many interests by offering readings of his original texts from a variety of scholarly perspectives.


Foreword 1. Dealing with the Psellos Corpus: From Allatius to Westerink and the Bibliotheca Teubneriana // John Duffy 2. Imagery in the Chronographia of Michael Psellos // Antony R. Littlewood 3. Michael Psellos in a Hagiographical Landscape: The Life of St. Auxentios and the Encomion of Symeon the Metaphrast // Elizabeth A. Fisher 4. A Twist of Plot: Psellos, Heliodorus and Narratology // Christopher A. McLaren 5. Animated Statues: Aesthetics and Movement // Stratis Papaioannou 6. Living Painting, or the Limits of Pointing? Glancing at Icons with Michael Psellos // Charles Barber 7. Psellos' Conceptual Precision // David Jenkins 8. The Writing of Dreams: A Note on Psellos' Funeral Oration for his Mother // Christine Angelidi 9. Attaleiates as a Reader of Psellos // Dimitri Krallis 10. Michael Psellos' De Daemonibus in the Renaissance // Darin Hayton 11. Thoughts on the Future of Psellos-Studies, with Attention to his Mother's Encomium // Anthony Kaldellis Bibliography Index

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