The English landscape in the twentieth century


The English landscape in the twentieth century

Trevor Rowley

Hambledon Continuum, 2006

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 439-452) and index



The English landscape changed more radically in the twentieth century than it had over the previous thousand years. This can be seen everywhere, nowhere in England being untouched by human influence. In this eye-opening book, Trevor Rowley shows vividly what changed and why. By the millenium, the countryside had become a dormitory or holiday destination, and agriculture employed less than one per cent of the population by 2000. In contrast, cities and towns, dominated by the megalopolis of London, expanded massively. Life, and the landscape, became ruled by the car. Regional identities disappeared as national chains and uniform building styles began to be found from Penzance to Carlisle. Uplands and county houses became theme parks often overrun by visitors. Two world wars and changing patterns of work and leisure also left their imprint. The English Landscape in the Twentierth Century is a striking and readable survey of a subject that matters to everyone.

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