Chaos applications in telecommunications


    • Stavroulakis, Peter


Chaos applications in telecommunications

edited by Peter Stavroulakis

CRC, 2006

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The concept of transmitting information from one chaotic system to another derives from the observation of the synchronization of two chaotic systems. Having developed two chaotic systems that can be synchronized, scientists can modulate on one phase signal the information to be transmitted, and subtract (demodulate) the information from the corresponding phase signal of the coupled chaotic system. Chaos Applications in Telecommunications demonstrates this technique in various applications of communication systems. This book details methods of transmitting information at much higher levels of security than what is available by current techniques. Following a detailed introduction, the book demonstrates how chaotic signals are generated and transmitted. It then details the design of chaotic transmitters and receivers, and describes chaos-based modulation and demodulation techniques. The text describes how a chaos-based spreading sequence outperforms classical pseudorandom sequences in selective and nonselective channels. It also develops channel equalization techniques designed for chaotic communications systems by applying knowledge of systems dynamics, linear time-invariant representations of chaotic systems, and symbolic dynamics representations of chaotic systems. The final chapter explains a specific application for optical communications. This volume provides the essential information for those who want an integrated view of how an established concept such as chaos can open new roads in the communications and security fields.


Introduction Peter Stavroulakis Chaotic Signal Generation and Transmission Antonio Candido Faleiros,Waldecir Joao Perrella,Tania Nunes Rabello,Adalberto Sampaio Santos, and NeiYoshihiro Soma Chaotic Transceiver Design Arthur Fleming-Dahl Chaos-Based Modulation and Demodulation Techniques Francis C.M. Lau and Chi K. Tse A Chaos Approach to Asynchronous DS-CDMA Systems S. Callegari, G. Mazzini, R. Rovatti, and G. Setti Channel Equalization in Chaotic Communication Systems Mahmut Ciftci Optical Communications using Chaotic Techniques Gregory D. VanWiggeren APPENDIX A Fundamental Concepts of the Theory of Chaos and Fractals Tassos Bountis APPENDIX B Mathematical Models of Chaos Christos H. Skiadas

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