An empowering approach to managing social service organizations


    • Hardina, Donna


An empowering approach to managing social service organizations

Donna Hardina ... [et al.]

Springer, c2007

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 403-428) and index



Presenting an empowerment-oriented approach, this new how-to guide covers the most recent innovations and current theories needed to manage and create a successful social service organization. Expert authors provide a comprehensive approach and tackle every important issue related to this complex management field including: values and ethics; organizational structure; diverse clientele and access to services; barriers to service delivery; cultural competency; fight for social justice; financial resource management; evaluating program outcomes; and control of the external environment.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Preface
  • Section I: Introduction to Social Service Organizations: Models, Theories, Ethical Values, and Structure
  • * Introduction: Defining Power, Powerlessness, and Empowerment. * Theories for Organization Management: Toward the Development of an Empowering Approach
  • * Values and Ethics for Management Practice
  • * The Structure and Functions of Social Service Organizations
  • Section II: Management Skills for Creating an Empowering Organization: Increasing Consumer Access to Services
  • * Creating Decision-making Partnerships with Staff and Clientele: The Role of Boards and Committees
  • * Program Design: Increasing Service Quality and Access
  • * The Culturally Competent Organization
  • Section III: Empowering Staff Members
  • * Administrative Leadership
  • * Increasing Employee Motivation: Promoting the Psychological Empowerment of Workers
  • * Team Building and Collaboration
  • Section IV: Strategies for Managing the External Environment of the Empowering Organization
  • * Advocacy for Improvements in Services and Policies
  • * Securing Resources for the Organization: Funding and Budgeting
  • * Using the Evaluation Process to Empower Workers and Clients
  • * External Relations: Developing Organization Power
  • * The Empowering Model of Management: Is it Realistic?
  • APPENDIX: Web Resources for Nonprofit Managers.

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