Solar thermal technologies for buildings : the state of the art


    • Santamouris, M. (Matheos)


Solar thermal technologies for buildings : the state of the art

editor, M. Santamouris

(Buildings, energy, solar technology)

James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd., c2003

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Solar thermal is now a proven technology in terms of reliability, cost-benefit, and low environmental impact. The integration of solar thermal systems and installations into the design of buildings can provide a clean, efficient and sustainable low-energy solution for heating and cooling, whilst, taken in a wider context, contributing to climate protection. This book covers the state of the art in the application of solar thermal technologies for buildings. This is the first book in the BEST (Buildings, Energy and Solar Technology) Series. This series presents high-quality theoretical and application-oriented material on solar energy and energy-efficient technologies. Leading international experts cover the strategies and technologies that form the basis of high-performance, sustainable buildings, crucial to enhancing our built and urban environment.


Editorial note * Passive Solar Heating of Buildings * Active Solar Heating and Cooling of Buildings * Spectrally Selective Materials for Efficient Visible, Solar and Thermal Radiation Control * Advanced Control Systems for Energy and Environmental Performance of Buildings * IT Systems for Energy and Environment Monitoring, Planning and Design * Natural Ventilation in an Urban Context * Cooling by Natural Sinks * Thermal Comfort * Passive Cooling * Solar and Energy Efficiency as an Option for Sustainable Urban Built Environments * Index

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