Clusters and globalisation : the development of urban and regional economies


Clusters and globalisation : the development of urban and regional economies

edited by Christos Pitelis, Roger Sugden, James R. Wilson

E. Elgar, c2006

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"In association with L'institute (Institute for Industrial Development Policy), Universities of Birmingham (UK), Ferrara (Italy) and Wisconsin-Milwaukee (USA)"

Edited papers from two workshops in Reus, Spain in 2003 and Toulouse, France in 2004

Includes bibliographical references and index



Clustering as an economic policy concern has become increasingly fashionable. The authors of this book shed light on this subject of which there remains remarkably little understanding, and even less agreement, regarding what clusters are, what they require for success and what impacts they are likely to have in different contexts, locally, nationally and globally. Clusters and Globalisation brings together scholars with different perspectives and theoretical groundings, and from different disciplines, to consider conceptual arguments and case study material. In doing so the volume identifies key characteristics and requirements of the forms of cluster that are especially significant for the attainment of economic success in a globalising world. This unique critical analysis of clusters in the framework of globalisation will strongly appeal to students and academics with an interest in economic development, public policy and globalisation. The book will also be of great interest to researchers in policy agencies concerned with local economic development and the design of cluster policies.


Contents: Foreword: Furthering the Aims and Objectives of L'institute Roger Sugden and James R. Wilson 1. Introduction Christos Pitelis, Roger Sugden and James R. Wilson 2. A Conceptual Framework for Firm Cooperation and Clusters, and their Impact on Productivity Christos Pitelis and Anastasia Pseiridis 3. Clusters, Governance and the Development of Local Economies: A Framework for Case Studies Roger Sugden, Ping Wei and James R. Wilson Appendix: The Development of Local Economies and the Possible Impact of Public Policy: A Framework for Case Studies J. Robert Branston, Lauretta Rubini, Silvia Sacchetti, Roger Sugden, Ping Wei and James R. Wilson 4. A Perspective on Clusters, Localities and Specific Public Goods Marco Bellandi 5. Knowledge and Clusters Nick Henry and Steven Pinch 6. FDI, Clusters and Knowledge Sourcing Lisa De Propris and Nigel Driffield 7. The Institutional Dynamics at Work in Territories: Between Local Governance and Global Regulation Jean-Pierre Gilly and Jacques Perrat 8. Local Clusters, Trust, Confidence and Proximity Claude Dupuy and Andre Torre 9. Clustering of Productive Activities: A Terrain for Employment Relations Miriam Quintana and Valeria Pulignano 10. Cluster Trajectories in Developing Countries: A Stage and Eclectic Approach Applied to Survival Clusters in Central America Mario Davide Parrilli 11. Globalisation, Governance and Clusters: North Staffordshire Ceramic and Prato Textile Industries Silvia Sacchetti and Philip R. Tomlinson 12. The Policy Process: Clusters versus Spatial Networks in the Basque Country Mari Jose Aranguren, Miren Larrea and Itziar Navarro 13. Is Distance Dead? High-Tech Clusters, Analysis and Policy Perspectives Marco R. Di Tommaso, Daniele Paci, Lauretta Rubini and Stuart O. Schweitzer Index

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