Gay marriage and democracy : equality for all


Gay marriage and democracy : equality for all

R. Claire Snyder

(Polemics / Stephen Eric Bronner, series editior)

Rowman & Littlefield, c2006

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In this provocative new work, R. Claire Snyder argues that the fundamental principles of American democracy not only allow but require the legalization of same-sex marriage. In addition to explaining the theoretical issues at stake, the book provides a short history of marriage, disentangling its interpersonal, communal, religious and civil components.


Chapter 1 What Does Same-Sex Marriage Have To Do With Democracy? Chapter 2 What Is Marriage? Chapter 3 The Logic of Liberalism: American Political Theory and the Case for Gay Marriage Chapter 4 A False Consensus: Christian Right Politics and the Attack on Same-Sex Marriage Chapter 5 Neo-Patriarchy and the Agenda of the Anti-Gay Right Part 6 Are Lesbian and Gay Americans Actually Citizens? The Homophobic Myopia of Communitarianism Part 7 Marriage, Equality, and Sexual Freedom Part 8 Index

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