Acquired damage to the developing brain : timing and causation


    • Squier, Waney


Acquired damage to the developing brain : timing and causation

edited by Waney Squier

Arnold, 2002

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Acquired Damage to the Developing Brain describes the many causes of acquired brain damage, when it occurs and how it may be recognised both clinically and on imaging, before and after birth and in later childhood. Many disabled children are described as having 'cerebral palsy' and no further investigation of the diagnosis is undertaken. The many kinds of brain damage which underlie cerebral palsy are described and illustrated fully, including their appearances on brain scans. Written by an international multidisciplinary team it includes detailed scientific accounts of the cellular mechanisms, pathology and genetics of early brain damage and presents detailed clinical accounts of the manifestations and management of the various forms of cerebral palsy and the differential diagnosis of the disabled child. Further chapters discuss the epidemiology and aetiology of cerebral palsy. Acquired Damage to the Developing Brain will prove essential to Consultant and trainee paediatricians, paediatric neurologists, paediatric pathologists and community paediatricians. Members of the legal profession involved in medical negligence wil find it required reading, as will all health care workers looking after disabled children.


Cerebral palsy: the clinical problem Epidemiology of fetal and neonatal brain damage Aetiology of fetal and neonatal brain damage Asphyxia and the developing brain Genetic causes of cerebral palsy The differential diagnosis of cerebral palsy Brain development: normal and abnormal Pathology of fetal and neonatal brain damage: indentifying the timing Antenatal assessment of fetal health Clinical assessment of the neonate Magnetic resonance imaging of injury to the immature brain Radiological assessment of the child with cerebral palsy and its mediolegal implications Causation - legal proof.

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