Gartside's model business letters & other business documents


Gartside's model business letters & other business documents

Shirley Taylor, Leonard Gartside

Financial Times Pitman Publishing, 1998

5th ed

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Model business letters

Gartside's model business letters and other business documents

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Many of today's managers do not have the luxury of a secretary or assistant. They also do not have time to think about the contents and layout of all their business correspondence. This is an invaluable single-source guide for writing clear, persuasive business communication. Unlike other writing skills books, this one gives you the business documentation already written and laid out, all you have to do is lift them from the page. Author: Shirley Taylor has lectured all over the world and often conducts seminars for teachers and students on business and secretarial examination courses.


UNIT 1 WRITTEN COMMUNICATION - AN OVERVIEW. 1. Presentation of the Business Letter. 2. Other Methods of Communication. 3. Structuring your Communications. 4. Language and Tone. UNIT 2 ROUTINE BUSINESS LETTERS. 5. Enquiries and Replies. 6. Quotations, Estimates and Tenders. 7. Orders and Their Fulfilment. 8. Invoicing and Settlement of Accounts. 9. Letters Requesting Payment. 10. Complaints and Adjustment. 11. Credit and Status Enquiries. 12. A Typical Business Transaction (Correspondence and Documents). UNIT 3 SPECIAL BUSINESS DOCUMENTS. 13. Goodwill Letters. 14. Circular Letters. 15. Sales Letters and Voluntary Offers. 16. Personnel. 17. Travel and Hotels. 18. Publicity Material. 19. Arranging Appointments, Meetings and Other Functions. UNIT 4 CLASSIFIED BUSINESS LETTERS. 20. Agencies. 21. International Trade. 22. Banking (home business). 23. Banking (international business). 24. Transport. 25. Insurance.

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