Advanced strategies in control systems with input and output constraints


    • Tarbouriech, Sophie
    • Garcia, Germain
    • Glattfelder, Adolf H.


Advanced strategies in control systems with input and output constraints

Sophie Tarbouriech, Germain Garcia, Adolf H. Glattfelder (eds.)

(Lecture notes in control and information sciences, 346)

Springer, c2007

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Physical, safety and technological constraints suggest that control actuators can neither provide unlimited amplitude signals nor unlimited speed of reaction. The techniques described in this book are useful for industrial applications in aeronautical or space domains, and in the context of biological systems. Such methods are well suited for the development of tools that help engineers to solve analysis and synthesis problems of control systems with input and output constraints.


Anti-windup Augmentation for Plasma Vertical Stabilization in the DIII-D Tokamak.- Stable and Unstable Systems with Amplitude and Rate Saturation.- An Anti-windup Design for Linear Systems with Imprecise Knowledge of the Actuator Input Output Characteristics.- Design and Analysis of Override Control for Exponentially Unstable Systems with Input Saturations.- Anti-windup Compensation using a Decoupling Architecture.- Anti-Windup Strategy for Systems Subject to Actuator and Sensor Saturations.- Sampled-Data Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for Constrained Continuous Time Systems.- Explicit Model Predictive Control.- Constrained Control Using Model Predictive Control.- Risk Adjusted Receding Horizon Control of Constrained Linear Parameter Varying Systems.- Case Studies on the Control of Input-Constrained Linear Plants Via Output Feedback Containing an Internal Deadzone Loop.- Set Based Control Synthesis for State and Velocity Constrained Systems.- Output Feedback for Discrete-Time Systems with Amplitude and Rate Constrained Actuators.- Decentralized Stabilization of Linear Time Invariant Systems Subject to Actuator Saturation.- On the Stabilization of Linear Discrete-Time Delay Systems Subject to Input Saturation.

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