International organizational behavior : text, cases, and exercises


International organizational behavior : text, cases, and exercises

Anne Marie Francesco, Barry Allen Gold

Pearson/Prentice Hall, c2005

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



For upper-level undergraduate/graduate courses in International Management, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Management, and Diversity in the Workplace. This text provides a comprehensive introduction to international OB and management. Presented from a global, rather than a North American or Western European perspective, it offers students a unique cultural perspective on the roots of organizational behavior around the world. Finally, the book acts as a guide to the changes that are not only reshaping organizations, but the ways we understand them as well.


I. TEXT 1. The Management of International Organizational Behavior 2. Culture and Organizational Behavior 3. Ethics and Social Responsibility 4. Communication 5. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 6. Groups and Teams 7. Motivation 8. International Human Resource Management 9. Organizational Commitment, Organizational Justice, and Work-Family Interface 10. Managing Diversity 11. Leadership 12. Organization Structure 13. Organizational Culture 14. Organizational Change II. CASES IN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 1. A Cultural Clash in the Entertainment Industry. Anne Marie Francesco and Barry Allen Gold 2. Conscience or the Competitive Edge? (A and B). Kate Button and Christopher K. Bart 3. The Careless Collaborators. Sara L. Keck and Anne Marie Francesco 4. Portrait of a Young Russian Capitalist. Barry Allen Gold 5. Yutaka Nakamura: A Foreigner in His Native Land. J. Stewart Black 6. Ellen Moore: Living and Working in Bahrain. Gail Ellement and Martha Maznevski 7. Managing a Diverse Work Force in Indonesia. John E. Walsh, Jr. 8. Shell Oil in Nigeria. Anne T. Lawrence 9. Argentina Suites (II): 1996 to 1998 Demian Hodari and Timothy R. Hinkin 10. Aung Sein: An Entrepreneur in Myanmar. Robert W. Hornaday 11. Fuqima Washing Machine Corporation. Haihong Xu 12. Wellcome Israel (A and B). Daniel Mueller 13. Conoco's Decision: The First Annual President's Award for Business Ethics. J. Brooke Hamilton III and Steve L. Scheck 14. West Indies Yacht Club Resort: When Cultures Collide. Jeffery P. Shay 15. Ireka Construction Berhad: A Chinese Family Business Goes Public. Anne Marie Francesco 16. Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Richard Eisenbeis and Martin Schmidt 17. A Candidate for Saudi Arabia -Lotte Kragelund and Mikael Sondergaard III. SKILL EXERCISES IN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 1. Where Have You Been? An Exercise to Assess Your Exposure to the Rest of the World's People. Paul Beamish 2. Selected Intercultural Incidents. S. Paul Verluyten 3. The Owl: Cross-Cultural Sensitivity. Theordore Gochenour 4. The East-West Game (Emperor's Pot). Donald Batchelder 5. Race from Outer Space: An Awareness Activity. Dorothy Goler Cash 6. How Many Things Do You Like to Do at Once? An Introduction to Monochronic and Polychronic Time. Allen C. Bluedorn, et al 7. Double-Loop Thinking: Seeing in Two Perspectives. Anne B. Pedersen 8. Bribery in International Business. Dorothy Marcic 9. Babel: Interpersonal Communication. Phillip M. Ericson 10. Ugli Orange Case. Robert J. House 11. Work Values Exercise. Carol Wolf 12. Japanese Decision-Making Exercise (Ringi/Nemawashi). William Van Buskirk 13. Dimensions of National Culture and Effective Leadership Patterns: Hofstede Revisited. Peter Dorfman 14. Royal Flush. Jessica Robinson, Tamu Lewars, La Shanda Perryman, Torla Crichlow, Kimberly Smith, John Vignoe, et al. 15. Management in the Year 2200. Hiroaki Izumi Glossary Index

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