Native on the Net : indigenous and diasporic peoples in the virtual age


    • Landzelius, Kyra


Native on the Net : indigenous and diasporic peoples in the virtual age

edited by Kyra Landzelius

Routledge, 2006

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Exploring the influence of the Internet on the lives of indigenous and diasporic peoples, Kyra Landzelius leads a team of expert anthropologists and ethnographers who go on-site and on-line to explore how a diverse range of indigenous and transnational diasporic communities actually use the Internet. From the Taino Indians of the Caribbean, the U'wa of the Amazon rainforest, and the Tunomans and Assyrians of Iraq, to the Tingas and Zapatistas, Native on the Net is a lively and intriguing exploration of how new technologies have enabled these previously isolated peoples to reach new levels of communication and community: creating new communities online, confronting global corporations, or even challenging their own native traditions. Featuring case studies ranging from the Artic to the Australian outback, this book addresses important recurrent themes, such as the relationship between identity and place, community, traditional cultures and the nature of the `indigenous'. Native on the Net is a unique contribution to our knowledge of the impact of new global communication technologies on those who have traditionally been geographically, politically and economically marginalised.


1. Introduction 2. Remote Indigenous Communities in Australia: Connectivity, Information and Self-Determination 3. A Screen of Snow: Semi-Nomadic Journeys into the Homeland of Inuit Webpages 4. Canadian First Nations Telemedicine 5. Zapatista Women's CyberActivism 6. Amazon on (the) Line: Indians, Oil, and Activism 7. Amerindian@Caribbean: The Electronic Generation of Carib and Taino Indigeneity 8. Debating Language and Identity Online: Tongan Islanders over the World Wide Web 9. Deterriotorialized People in Hyperspace: Creating Harari Virtual Identity 10. Nationhood as a Field of Dreams: Turcomans and Assyrians on the 'Net 11. Diaspora Agency: Chimps and Feral Activists in Ghana 12. Diagonising Social Inequality in Burundi: Hutus and Tutsis in Virtual Reconciliation 13. (cOde): Virtual Occupations and Hacker Wars on Palestinian and Israeli Websites 14. Cyberethnography: Reading South Asian Digital Diasporas 16: Indigenizing the Internet? Contributors Index

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