User behavior and technology development : shaping sustainable relations between consumers and technologies


    • Verbeek, Peter-Paul
    • Slob, Adriaan


User behavior and technology development : shaping sustainable relations between consumers and technologies

edited by Peter-Paul Verbeek and Adriaan Slob ; in association with the sub-editors J.C. Brezet ... [et al.]

(Eco-efficiency in industry and science / series editor, Arnold Tukker, v. 20)

Springer, c2006

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Environmental policy has long been determined by a dichotomy between technology and behavior. This book explores the relationships between technology and behavior from an interdisciplinary perspective. It is the first volume that aims to create a conceptual basis for analyzing interactions between technology and behavior, and to provide insights that are relevant to technology design and environmental policy.


  • Preface.- PART 1. Conceptual frameworks for Analyzing Technology and Behavior. 1. Technology and user behavior: An introduction
  • Adriaan Slob and Peter-Paul Verbeek. 2. Action facilitation and desired behavior
  • Albert G. Arnold and Petra Mettau. 3. Safety: Technology and behavior?
  • Adrienne van den Boogaard and Paul Swuste. 4. Technology and household activities
  • J.P. Groot-Marcus, P.M.J. Terpstra, L.P.A. Steenbekkers and C.A.A. Butijn. 5. Technology and behavior: Contributions from environmental psychology
  • Wim J.M. Heijs. 6. Acting artifacts
  • Peter-Paul Verbeek. 7. Technology and Behavior: A view from STS
  • Jaap Jelsma. 8. The social agency of technological artifacts
  • Philip Brey. 9. Technology and users: A conceptual map
  • Wim J.M. Heijs and Peter-Paul Verbeek.- PART 2. Technology, Behavior and Sociotechnical Practices. 10. Technology and behavior: The case of passenger transport
  • Laurie Hendrickx and Anton J.M. Schoot Uiterkamp. 11. Sustainable technologies and everyday life
  • Gert Spaargaren, Susan Martens and Theo A.M. Beckers. 12. Residential behavior in sustainable houses
  • Erica Derijcke and Jan Uitzinger. 13. Making energy feedback work
  • L.T. McCalley and Cees J.H. Midden. 14. Technological innovations and the promotion of energy conservation
  • Trijntje Vollink and Ree M. Meertens. 15. Household energy consumption
  • Wim J.M. Heijs. 16. Marketing of technological products
  • Nicole van Kesteren and Ree M. Meertens. 17. Diffusion of technological innovations
  • Trijntje Vollink, Ree M.Meertens and Cees J.H. Midden. 18. Technological innovations and energy conservation
  • Nicole van Kesteren, Ree M. Meertens and Mirjam Fransen. 19. Sustainable technology or sustainable users?
  • Cees J.H. Midden.- PART 3. Designing Technology-Behavior Interactions. 20. Planning behavior: Technical design as design of use plans
  • Wybo Houkes and Pieter E. Vermaas. 21. Expected behavior: Anticipation of use in technological development
  • Harro van Lente. 22. Designing `moralized' products: Theory and practice
  • Jaap Jelsma. 23. The scenario method to gain insight into user actions
  • G.W. Wolters and L.P.A. Steenbekkers. 24. Using design orienting scenarios to analyze the interaction between technology, behavior and environment in the sushouse project
  • Remke Klapwijk, Marjolijn Knot, Jaco Quist and Philip J. Vergragt. 25. ICT in everyday life: The role of the user
  • Valerie Frissen and Marc van Lieshout. 26. User involvement in the development of sustainable product-service systems
  • Marjolijn Knot and Helma Luiten. 27. Eternally yours
  • Henk Muis. 28. Designing technology-behavior interactions
  • Han Brezet.- PART 4. Implications for Policy. 29. Citizen-consumer roles in environmental management of large technological systems
  • Bas van Vliet 30. Modifying behavior by smart design: The example of the Dutch sustainable -safe road system
  • Markus Popkema and Ingrid van Schagen. 31. Combining Technical and Behavioral Change
  • Boelie Elzen. 32. The practice of innovation: Institutions, policy and technology development
  • David Laws.

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