Tactical missile design


    • Fleeman, Eugene L.


Tactical missile design

Eugene L. Fleeman

(AIAA education series)

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, c2006

2nd ed

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This is the first textbook offered for tactical missile design in over forty years. It is oriented toward the needs of aerospace engineering students, missile engineers, and missile program managers. It is intended to provide a basis for including tactical missile design as part of the aerospace engineering curriculum, providing new graduates with the knowledge they will need in their careers. The author's decades of experience in the development of tactical missiles and their technologies is presented in an integrated handbook method for missile design. It uses simple closed-form analytical expressions that are physics-based to provide insight into the primary driving parameters. The text also provides example calculations of rocket-powered and ramjet-powered baseline missiles, typical values of missile parameters, examples of the characteristics of current operational missiles, discussion of the enabling subsystems and technologies of tactical missiles, and the current/projected state-of-the-art of tactical missiles. Included with the text is a CD-ROM containing electronic versions of the figures; 29 videos showing examples of design considerations, development testing, manufacturing, and technologies; 6 design case studies; configuration sizing methods; and an aerospace engineering outreach program for middle school students.


  • Introduction/Key Drivers in the Design Process
  • * Aerodynamic Considerations in Tactical Missile Design
  • * Propulsion Considerations in Tactical Missile Design
  • * Weight Considerations in Tactical Missile Design
  • * Flight Performance Considerations in Tactical Missile Design
  • * Measures of Merit and Launch Platform Integration
  • * Sizing Examples
  • * Development Process
  • * Summary and Lessons Learned
  • * Appendix A: Homework Problems/ Classroom Exercises
  • * Appendix B: Example of a Request for Proposal
  • * Appendix C: Nomenclature
  • * Appendix D: Acronyms
  • * Appendix E: Conversion Factors
  • * Color Figures
  • * References
  • * Index.

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