Handbook of the sociology of education


Handbook of the sociology of education

edited by Maureen T. Hallinan

(Handbooks of sociology and social research)

Springer, 2006

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"First softcover printing 2006"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and indexes



This wide-ranging handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the field of education as viewed from a sociological perspective. Experts in the area present theoretical and empirical research on major educational issues and analyze the social processes that govern schooling, and the role of schools in and their impact on contemporary society. A major reference work for social scientists who want an overview of the field, graduate students, and educators.


  • Preface. Introduction
  • M.T. Hallinan. I: Theoretical and Methodological Orientations. 1. A Social Psychological Approach to the Study of Schooling
  • C.E. Bidwell. 2. The Organizational Context of Teaching and Learning
  • A. Gamoran, et al. 3. Linkages Between Sociology of Race and Sociology of Education
  • M.T. Hallinan. 4. Research and Theory on Equality and Education
  • K. Lynch. 5. Structural Effects in Education: A History of an Idea
  • R. Dreeben. 6. School Effects: Theoretical and Methodological Issues
  • A.B. Sorensen, S.L. Morgan. II: Development and Expansion of Education. 7. Development and Education
  • C. Chabbott, F.O. Ramirez. 8. The Content of the Curriculum: An Institutional Perspective
  • E.H. McEneaney, J.W. Meyer. 9. Comparative and Historical Patterns of Education
  • R. Collins. 10. School Expansion, School Reform, and the Limits of Growth
  • P.B. Walters. III: The Study of Access to Schooling. 11. Equitable Classrooms in a Changing Society
  • E.G. Cohen. 12. Connecting Home, School, and Community: New Directions for Social Research
  • J.L. Epstein, M.G. Sanders. 13. The Variable Construction of Educational Risk
  • J.G. Richardson. IV: The Study of School Organization. 14. School Size and the Organization of Secondary Schools
  • V.E. Lee. 15. Comparative Sociology of Classroom Processes, School Organization and Achievement
  • D.P. Baker, G.K. LeTendre. 16. Social Systems and Norms: A Coleman Approach
  • B. Schneider.17. Values, Control, and Outcomes in Public and Private Schools
  • C.H. Persell. V: The Study of School Outcomes. 18. Interactions between High Schools and Labor Markets
  • J.E. Rosenbaum, S.A. Jones. 19. Vocational Secondary Education, Tracking, and Social Stratification
  • Y. Shavit, W. Muller. 20. Transition from School to Work in Comparative Perspective
  • A.C. Kerckhoff. 21. Pathways from School to Work in Germany and the US
  • J.T. Mortimer, H. Kruger. 22. The Effects of Schooling on Individual Lives
  • A.M. Pallas. VI: Policy Implications of Research in Sociology of Education. 23. Accountability in Education
  • T.B. Hoffer. 24. The Fit and Misfit of Sociological Research and Education Policy
  • D.L. Stevenson.

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