The handbook of security


The handbook of security

edited by Martin Gill

Palgrave Macmillan, 2006

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This text is essential reading for all those engaged with the security world. Split into five parts, it begins with the study of security as a discipline. It then looks at crime in organizations and analyzes the various sub-sectors of security. A section on management issues precedes the final section looking at issues that impact security.


  • Introduction
  • M.Gill PART ONE: SECURITY AS A DISCIPLINE A History of Security
  • R.D.McCrie The Study of National Security Versus the Study of Corporate Security: What Can They Learn from Each Other?
  • C.Stapley , S.Grillot & S.Sloan Engineering Principles for Security Managers
  • B.B.Rogers Contributions of Environmental Studies to Security
  • R.H.Schneider Forensic Security and the Law
  • D.B.Kennedy The Study of Intelligence and Its Contributions to Security
  • J.D.Calder Criminology
  • G.Farrell & K.Pease PART TWO: CRIMES AND ORGANISATIONS Employee Theft and Staff Dishonesty
  • R.C.Hollinger & J.L.Davis The Extent, Nature and Responses to Workplace Violence Globally: Issues and Findings
  • E.Licu & B.S.Fisher Combating White-Collar and Organised Economic Crimes: Some Reflections on the Role of Security
  • M.Levi Commercial Burglary
  • R.I.Mawby Shoptheft
  • R.Hayes & C.Cardone Terrorism
  • P.Wilkinson Information Security
  • J.Crampton , K.G.Paterson , F.Piper & J.B.Robshaw PART THREE: SECURITY SERVICES The Security Officer
  • A.Wakefield Store Detectives & Loss Prevention
  • R.Hayes Private Investigators
  • T.Prenzler CCTV: Is it Effective?
  • M.Gill Shrinkage and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): Prospects, Problems and Practicalities
  • J.Bamfield Risk Management
  • M.L.Garcia Disaster and Crisis Management
  • D.Elliott PART FIVE: ISSUES IN SECURITY Regulation of Private Security: Models for Analysis
  • M.Button & B.George Corporate Security: A Cost or Contributor to the Bottom Line?
  • D.Challinger Trends in the Development of Security Technology
  • C.Smith Theorising About Security
  • G.Manunta & R.Manunta

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