Woven shibori


    • Ellis, Catharine


Woven shibori

Catharine Ellis

(The weaver's studio)

Interweave Press, c2005

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 123-124) and index



In the traditional shibori technique, stitches are placed into a piece of commercial cloth with a needle, the cloth is compressed, and then dyed. In woven shibori, the "stitches" are supplemental wefts woven directly into the cloth, thus becoming a part of the original cloth construction. The use of the loom to control the placement of these threads has defined a whole new and exciting vocabulary of resist images for weavers, and the integration of cloth construction with surface treatment provides new avenues of expression for textile artists of all skill levels. Woven Shibori has thorough instructions in a range of weaving applications, from plain weave and twills to laces. Through breathtaking photography, clear step-by-step instructions, drafts, and dyeing tutorials, weavers will find the process is easy to work with and marvel at the unlimited possibilities.

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