Sediment quality and impact assessment of pollutants



Sediment quality and impact assessment of pollutants

edited by Damià Barceló, Mira Petrovic

(Sustainable management of sediment resources, v. 1)

Elsevier, 2007

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Volume 1 of the Sustainable Management of Sediment Resources mini-series is the first attempt to fill many of these gaps in knowledge and also in practice. The volume includes sections on: SamplingCharacterization of contaminants in sediments being bioavailability the main issueChemical analysisBiological analysisEffect directed analysis and toxicityIdentification evaluation Benthos sediment quality assessmentModelling of pollutant fate and behaviourSediment quality guidelines This first volume is applicable to a wide audience, from students at the graduate level, to experienced researchers and laboratory personnel in academia, industry and government. This volume also available as part of a 4-volume set, ISBN 0444519599. Discount price for set purchase.


1. Sampling of sediment and suspended matter2. Characterisation of contaminants in sediments - effects of bioavalability on impact3. Chemical analysis of contaminants in sediments4. Biological analysis (bioassays, biomarkers, biosensors)5. Effect directed analysis and toxicity identification evaluation6. Benthos sediment quality assessments7. Modelling of pollutant fate and behaviour in bed sediments8. Sediment quality guidelines and weight of evidence assessments9. Soil protection, sediment monitoring and key recommendations

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