Advances in mechanics of solids : in memory of Prof. E.M. Haseganu


Advances in mechanics of solids : in memory of Prof. E.M. Haseganu

Ardéshir Guran ... [et al.]

(Series on stability, vibration and control of systems, . Series A ; v. 15)

World Scientific, c2006

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Other authors: Andrei L. Smirnov, David J. Steigmann, Rémi Vaillancourt

Includes bibliographical references and index



The contributions in this volume are written by well-known specialists in the fields of mechanics, materials modeling and analysis. They comprehensively address the core issues and present the latest developments in these and related areas. In particular, the book demonstrates the breadth of current research activity in continuum mechanics. A variety of theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches are reported, covering finite elasticity, vibration and stability, and mechanical modeling. The coverage reflects the extent and impact of the research pursued by Professor Haseganu and her international colleagues.


  • Vibrations and Stability of Thin Structures: Eliza Haseganu's Analysis of Wrinkling in Pressurized Membranes (D J Steigmann)
  • Buckling, Vibrations and Optimal Design of Ring-Stiffened Thin Cylindrical Shells (S B Filippov)
  • Asymptotic Analysis of Thin Shell Buckling (A L Smirnov)
  • Thin-Wall Structures Made of Materials with Variable Elastic Moduli (A L Smirnov & P E Tovstik)
  • Asymptotic Integration of Free Vibration Equations of Cylindrical Shells by Symbolic Computation (E M Haseganu et al.)
  • Vibrations and Stability in Continuum Mechanics: The Mechanics of Pre-Stressed and Pre-Polarized Piezoelectric Crystals (E Baesu)
  • On the Stability of Transient Viscous Flow in an Annulus (A A Kolyshkin et al.)
  • Biomechanics: Mechanical Models of the Development of Glaucoma (S M Bauer)
  • A Micromechanical Model for Predicting Microcracking Induced Material Degradation in Human Cortical Bone Tissue (O Akkus et al.)
  • Experimental and Computational Mechanics of Solids: An Evolution of Solid Elements for Thermal-Mechanical Finite Element Analysis (J Moyra & J McDill)
  • Quantization Effects in Shallow Powder Bed Vibrations (J Pegna & J Zhu).

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