Breaking Robert's rules : the new way to run your meeting, build consensus, and get results


Breaking Robert's rules : the new way to run your meeting, build consensus, and get results

Lawrence E. Susskind and Jeffrey L. Cruikshank

Oxford University Press, 2006

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Robert's Rules of Order, written more than 150 years ago by a military man, are no longer relevant. America needs a new guide that spells out how to work together effectively in groups of all kinds, one that takes account of recent developments in the field of consensus building and dispute resolution. Enter the concensus-building approach, as introduced and explained in a step-by-step approach using realistic scenarios, by Susskind and Cruickshank.

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Every day in communities across America hundreds of committees, boards, church groups, and social clubs hold meetings where they spend their time engaged in shouting matches and acrimonious debate. Whether they are aware of it or not, the procedures that most such groups rely on to reach decisions were first laid out as Robert's Rules more than 150 years ago by an officer in the U.S. Army's Corps of Engineers. Its arcane rituals of parliamentary procedure and majority rule usually produce a victorious majority and a very dissatisfied minority that expects to raise its concerns, again, at the next possible meeting. Breaking Robert's Rules clearly spells out how any group can work together effectively. After briefly explaining the problems created by Robert's Rules, the guide outlines the five key steps toward consensus building, and addresses the specific problems that often get in the way of a group's progress. Appendices include a basic one page "Handy Guide" that can be distributed at meetings and a case study demonstrating how the ideas presented in the book can also be applied in a corporate context. Written in a non-technical and engaging style, and containing clear ideas and instructions that anyone can understand and use, this one-of-a-kind guide will prove an essential tool for any group desperate to find ways of making their meetings more effective. In addition, neighborhood associations, ad hoc committees, social clubs, and other informal groups lacking a clear hierarchy will find solid advice on how to move forward without resorting to "majority rules" or bickering over who will take leadership positions. Bound to become a classic, Breaking Robert's Rules will change the way you hold meetings forever, paving the way for efficiency, efficacy, and peaceful decision making.

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