Handbook on the economics of sport


Handbook on the economics of sport

edited by Wladimir Andreff, Stefan Szymanski

Edward Elgar, c2006

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This comprehensive Handbook provides a survey of all the major research areas in sports economics written by almost all of the active researchers in this field. It offers not only an accessible insight into the major findings of the literature but also presents some of the world's principal researchers' views on the unanswered questions that face us today. Issues covered include: * sport in the economy * the demand for sport * cost-benefit analysis of sport * sporting governance and the state * individualistic sports * team sports * dysfunctions in sport including discrimination, doping and corruption. It is an indispensable guide to one of the most lively and rapidly evolving fields of economics.


Contents: Introduction: Sport and Economics Wladimir Andreff and Stefan Szymanski PART I: SPORT IN THE ECONOMY 1. Sports Accounting Wladimir Andreff 2. The Production of Professional Team Sports Jeff Borland 3. The Sports Goods Industries Wladimir Andreff 4. Sport and Gambling David Forrest 5. Sponsorship Claude Jeanrenaud 6. International Trade in Sports Goods Wladimir Andreff PART II: DEMAND FOR SPORT 7. The Demand for Sport Jean-Jacques Gouguet 8. The Demand for Spectator Sports Rob Simmons 9. Attendance at Sports Events Patrick Feehan 10. The Demand for Sports Broadcasting Babatunde Buraimo 11. The Demand for Media Coverage Frederic Bolotny and Jean-Francois Bourg PART III: COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS OF SPORT 12. Economic Impact Analysis Victor Matheson 13. Physical Activity, Sport and Health Jean-Francois Nys 14. Employment in Sport Didier Primault 15. Sporting Externalities Jean-Jacques Gouguet and Eric Barget 16. The Economic Impact of Mega-sporting Events Robert A. Baade 17. The Olympics Holger Preuss 18. The World Cup Markus Kurscheidt 19. The Economic Impact of Sporting Facilities Brad R. Humphreys 20. Voluntary Work in Sport Wladimir Andreff PART IV: SPORTING GOVERNANCE AND THE STATE 21. Governance and Governing Bodies in Sport Thomas Hoehn 22. The Economics of the IOC Jean-Loup Chappelet 23. Government Objectives and Sport Barrie Houlihan 24. Central Government and Sport Jean-Francois Nys 25. Sport and Financing Wladimir Andreff 26. Military Sport Jean-Francois Nys 27. Local Government and Regional Development in Sport Carlos Pestana Barros 28. The European Model of Sport Peter J. Sloane 29. The Anglo-American Model of Sport Stefan Szymanski 30. Sport in Developing Countries Wladimir Andreff 31. Soviet and Post-Soviet Sport Sandrine Poupaux 32. International Labour Migration Wladimir Andreff 33. Comparative Advantage of Nations Wladimir Andreff PART V: INDIVIDUALISTIC SPORTS 34. The Theory of Tournaments Stefan Szymanski 35. Implications from the Theory of Contests for Modelling and Designing Sports Competitions Gerd Muehlheusser 36. Citius, Altius, Fortius: The Production of World Records in the Running and Technical Disciplines in Track and Field Bernd Frick, Joachim Prinz and Frank Tolsdorf 37. On the Competitive Structure in Professional Boxing, Or Why the Best Boxers Very Seldom Fight Each Other Rafael Tenorio 38. Golf Chantelle Bramley 39. The Economics of British Horseracing Wray Vamplew 40. The Economics of Collegiate Athletics Karl W. Einolf 41. The Economics of US Intercollegiate Sports and the NCAA Robert Sandy 42. The Economics of Cycling Michel Desbordes 43. Extreme Sports (Climbing and Mountaineering) Gilles Rotillon 44. The Economics of Tennis Eric Barget PART VI: TEAM SPORTS 45. The Development of Team Sports Before 1914 Wray Vamplew A. The Economics of Professional Sports and Leagues 46. Organisational Models of Professional Team Sports Leagues Andrew Zimbalist 47. Baseball Economics Stefan Szymanski 48. The Economics of Soccer John Goddard 49. Football in England Stefan Szymanski 50. The State of the Italian Football Industry Umberto Lago 51. The Economics of Soccer in Spain Jaume Garcia and Placido Rodriguez 52. Football in Germany Bernd Frick 53. Football in France Frederic Bolotny 54. American Football Michael Leeds 55. Labour Economics on the Hardwood: the NBA David J. Berri 56. European Professional Basketball in Crisis, 1992-2002 Didier Primault 57. Ice Hockey Marc Lavoie 58. The Economic Development of the Australian Football League Ross Booth 59. Rugby: Strategy and Structure John McMillan 60. The Economics of Professional Rugby Pierre Chaix 61. The Economics of Cricket Ian Preston B. Principal Economic Issues 62. Uncertainty of Outcome, Competitive Balance and the Theory of Team Sports Stefan Szymanski 63. The Objective Function of a Team Stefan Kesenne 64. Production Functions for Sporting Teams Jeff Borland 65. Revenue Sharing Stefan Szymanski 66. The Reserve Clause in Major League Baseball Lawrence Hadley 67. The Retain and Transfer System Dennis Thomas 68. The Bosman Case and European Football Stefan Kesenne 69. The Reverse-Order-of-Finish Draft in Sports Leo H. Kahane 70. Chasing the Elusive Salary Cap Daniel R. Marburger 71. The Luxury Tax in Professional Sports Elizabeth Gustafson 72. 'At the Top Table': Player Unions in Soccer Braham Dabscheck 73. The Player Transfer System in Soccer Fiona Carmichael 74. Player Agents Daniel S. Mason 75. The Promotion and Relegation System Stefan Szymanski 76. Team Sports and Finance Wladimir Andreff 77. Inelastic Sports Pricing at the Gate? A Survey Rodney Fort 78. Financial Innovation in Professional Team Sports: The Case of English Premiership Soccer Bill Gerrard 79. Collective Selling of Broadcast Rights in Team Sports Susanne Parlasca 80. The Sporting Exception and the Legality of Restraints in the US Stefan Szymanski 81. The Specificity of Sport and the European Community Law: The Example of Nationality Jean-Christophe Breillat and Frank Lagarde 82. Sport and Globalisation: Sport as a Global Public Good Jean-Francois Bourg and Jean-Jacques Gouguet PART VII: DYSFUNCTIONS IN SPORT 83. Racial Discrimination Neil Longley 84. Gender Discrimination Brad R. Humphreys 85. Doping Nicolas Eber 86. Corruption Wolfgang Maennig Index

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