Christian IV and his navy : a political and administrative history of the Danish navy 1596-1648


    • Bellamy, Martin


Christian IV and his navy : a political and administrative history of the Danish navy 1596-1648

by Martin Bellamy

(The northern world : North Europe and the Baltic c. 400-1700 A.D. : peoples, economies and cultures, v. 25)

Brill, 2006

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Bibliography: p. [281]-289

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This book provides a detailed survey of the Danish navy during the highly influential reign of Christian IV. He created a large and powerful navy with impressive ships and one of Europe's finest dockyards. It was relatively advanced in the design and construction of its warships and the administration of its seamen and dockyard workforce. However, its political and military leadership were highly flawed, reflecting the power struggle between the king and his council at both an international and domestic level, which ultimately led to its crushing defeat at the hands of Sweden. This work offers for the first time a valuable insight into the workings of one of the most significant, but frequently ignored navies in early modern Europe.


Preface Stylistic Conventions List of Plates List of Table and Figures Introduction Chapter One: The Role of the Navy Chapter Two: The Navy in Domestic Politics: Chapter Three : The Financial Administration of the Navy: Chapter Four: The Design and Procurement of the Navy's Ships: Chapter Five: The Strength of the Navy: Chapter Six: The Development of the Naval Dockyards: Chapter Seven: The Administration of the Bremerholm Naval Dockyard: Chapter Eight: The Organisation of the Seagoing Navy: : Conclusion : How Good was Christian IV's Navy? Appendix 1: List of Ships: Large Warships Medium Warships Small Warships Galleys & Jagts Transport Ships Armed Merchantmen serving in Torstensson War Appendix 2: Comparative strength of the Danish and Swedish Navies: Bibliography: Index

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