Property rights dynamics : a law and economics perspective


    • Porrini, Donatella
    • Ramello, Giovanni Battista
    • Parisi, Francesco
    • Mattei, Ugo
    • Pradi, Andrea
    • Nicita, Antonio
    • Boldrin, Michele
    • Levine, David K.
    • Merges, Robert P.
    • Mahoney, Julia D.
    • Clark, Pamela
    • Torremans, Paul L. C.
    • Dnes, Antony W.
    • Harnay, Sophie
    • Marciano, Alain
    • Backhaus, Jürgen G.


Property rights dynamics : a law and economics perspective

edited by Donatella Porrini and Giovanni Battista Ramello

(The economics of legal relationships / edited by Nicholas Mercuro)

Routledge, 2007

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Property rights dynamics : current issues in law and economics / Donatella Porrini and Giovanni B. Ramello
  • The fall and rise of functional property / Francesco Parisi
  • Property rights : a comparative law and economics perspective in the global era / Ugo Mattei and Andrea Pradi
  • Entropy and the asymmetric Coase theorem / Francesco Parisi
  • On incomplete property : a missing perspective in law and economics? / Antonio Nicita
  • Intellectual property and the efficient allocation of social surplus from innovations / Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine
  • The uninvited guest : patents on Wall Street / Robert P. Merges
  • Property rights in human tissue / Julia D. Mahoney and Pamela Clark
  • The ongoing copyright as an essential facility saga / Paul L.C. Torremans
  • The treatment of marital assets : common-law property rights and EU harmonization / Antony W. Dnes
  • Intellectual property rights and judge-made law : an economic analysis of the production and diffusion of precedent / Sophie Harnay and Alain Marciano
  • Failing property rights -- the problem of sleeping owners in the city : a preliminary analysis of one aspect of the German unification treaty / Jürgen G. Backhaus



Issues such as the patentability of scientific ideas, the market for organs and open source software are hotly debated and yet poorly understood. In particular, there is a great need for sound economic theorizing on such issues. There is also a need for a clear and concise exposition of the state-of-the-art of the economics of property rights. This book fulfils these various needs.


Introduction 1: Property Rights Dynamics: Current Issues in Law and Economics Part I: Property Rights and Law and Economic Theory: Justifications and Main Issues 2: The Fall and Rise of Functional Property 3: Property Rights: A Comparative Law and Economics Perspective in the Global Era 4: Entropy and the Asymmetric Coase Theorem 5: On Incomplete Property: A Missing Point Perspective in Law and Economics? Part II: An Old Bottle for New Wines? The Extensions of Property Rights 6: Intellectual Property and the Efficient Allocation of Social Surplus from Innovations 7: The Uninvited Guest: Patents on Wall Street 8: Property Rights in Human Tissue Part III: Shadows and Lights: Critical Issues, Conflicting Cases and Alternative Paradigms 9: The Ongoing Copyright as an Essential Facility Saga 10: The Treatment of Marital Assets: Common-Law Property Rights and EU Harmonization 11: Intellectual Property Rights and Judge-Made Law: An Economic Analysis of the Production and Diffusion of Precedent 12: Failing Property Rights: The Problem of Sleeping Owners in the City: A Preliminary Analysis of One Aspect of the German Unification Treaty

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