African Americans and whites : changing relationships on college campuses


    • Moore, Robert M., III


African Americans and whites : changing relationships on college campuses

edited by Robert M. Moore III

University Press of America, c2006

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Including the work of nearly 20 authors from institutions such as American University, Memphis University, University of North Carolina, and Georgia State University, this essay collection explores the changing relationship between African Americans and whites on U.S. College and University campuses. These essays investigate and chronicle the tension and social distance felt between African Americans and whites in today's higher-education community. Many facets of the educational experience are examined including student-to-student contact, affinity group formation, Greek life, and the perceived effectiveness of courses on race taught by non-minorities. Although designed as supplemental reading for undergraduate and graduate students, and experts in the field, each chapter in African Americans and Whites includes three or four provocative questions suitable for classroom discussions.


Part 1 Preface Part 2 Acknowledgements Part 3 Introduction Part 4 Part I: Teaching Chapter 5 1. Teaching Region, Learning Humility Chapter 6 2. Too White to Teach Race? Chapter 7 3. Beyond the Veil: Black and White Perspectives on Teaching about Racial Inequality Part 8 Part II: Student Groups Chapter 9 4. Black and Gay Identity Selection Chapter 10 5. Facilitating Student Involvement and Cross-Race Contact: The Impact of Membership in a Black Greek Organization Chapter 11 6. History of a BSU at a Professional Health Science University Part 12 Part III: Social Distance Chapter 13 7. Racial Divides on a Diverse Campus: An Exploration of Social Distance at a State Liberal Art University Chapter 14 8. Self-Segregation, Friendship Formation, and the College Experience: Separate but Equal? Chapter 15 9. "Let's Talk about The Simpsons or Something" Chapter 16 10. Interracial Dating and Marriage: Fact, Fantasy, and the Problem of Survey Data Chapter 17 11. Social Distance and the "Tipping Effect" Among College Students at a Northern New Jersey University Part 18 Part IV. Marginality and Policy Chapter 19 12. Exploring Black Identity via Marginality Theory Chapter 20 13. Is Diversity Policy Inherently Contradictory? Chapter 21 14. An Old Journey in a New Direction: The Two Faces of Desegregation Chapter 22 15. Activism Scholarship: Answering 'the Question' Part 23 About the Contributors

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