Work and pay in twentieth-century Britain



Work and pay in twentieth-century Britain

edited by Nicholas Crafts, Ian Gazeley and Andrew Newell

Oxford University Press, 2007

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Work and pay in 20th century Britain

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From assembly line to call centre, this volume charts the immense transformation of work and pay across the 20th century and provides the first labour focused history of Britain. Written by leading British historians and economists, each chapter stands as a self-contained reading for those who need an overview of the topic, as well as an introduction to and analysis of the controversies among scholars for readers entering or refreshing deeper study. The 20th century was a period of unrivalled change in the British labour market. Technology, social movements, and political action all contributed to an increased standard of living, while also revolutionizing what workers do and how they do it. Covering a range of topics from lifetime work patterns and education to unemployment and the welfare state, this book provides a practical introduction to the evolution of work and pay in 20th century Britain.


  • Introduction
  • 1. Living standards
  • 2. Structural change
  • 3. Manual Work and Pay, 1900-1970
  • 4. Wages and wage inequality 1970-2000
  • 5. Work over the life course
  • 6. The household and the labour market
  • 7. Women and work 1970-2000
  • 8. The 'Welfare State' and the labour market
  • 9. Industrial relations
  • 10. Unemployment
  • 11. Education and the labour market
  • 12. Britain's twentieth century productivity performance in international perspective
  • 13. Immigration and the labour market

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